Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stumbling Over the Finish Line

This has been a less than stellar Lent for me. Every year, I hear people say they are failing at Lent, and I haven't understood it. I really enjoy pouring myself into Lent. But this year, I am right alongside those people and share the feeling of 'failing Lent'. What I chose to do this year just wasn't challenging enough for me. I should have switched once I realized it, but then I felt like that was failing. Scrupulosity is a bumpy road. I think part of it might be that I am more in touch with my faith than ever, so I have to work even harder at Lent to get what I should out of it, rather than it just feeling spiritually challenging and rewarding because I'm not doing much the other days of the year. And I realized that a bit too late, as we are now mere days from Easter. But Lent isn't over yet! I want to pour myself into Holy Thursday and Good Friday. I want to do some reflecting on Saturday. And on Sunday, I'm going to do a whole lot of rejoicing, eating, and visiting with my in laws! So I'm taking a mini blogging break, and not posting quick takes this week in observance of Good Friday. I hope you all finish out Lent as best you can, enjoy the beginning of the Easter season, and hopefully I'll see you back here sometime next week!

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  1. I feel like I've failed a lot as well, however, then I'm reminded that it's all about your dependence on God, not the perfection of your sacrifices. Maybe this was a lesson God wanted for you - to give yourself more intensely, even if for a shorter amount of time? Best of luck in finishing out the last couple days...