Friday, March 22, 2013

Most Boring Quick Takes Ever

--- 1 ---
I am happy to announce that, while none of our veggie plants have produced actual veggies yet, we have a 3rd plant growing! One of the plants didn't grow anything from seeds, but I stuck the seed cup in the big planter anyway. Well, now something is poking through! So I have 3 veggie plants growing, and I'm not entirely sure what any of them are. I am just hoping at least one produces actual produce. I don't want Steven's arm strength from carrying them in and out on freezing nights to be in vain!

--- 2 ---
My weight loss had slowed, but I've been testing the limits. It seems like we've had a lot of food related stuff happening, lately! I have either remained the same or lost a piddly few ounces each week, but I know that is better than gaining. I also quit exercising, which doesn't help. Now that the weather is warming up, we are excited to resume our outdoor walks!

--- 3 ---
I've learned that if I'm the person who checks mail at work, I can snag all the awesome coupons that get mailed to us. This week we got a Which Wich coupon 2 days in a row, but I only checked it the first day, so I ended up with just one. I have images of my coworkers and I rushing for the mail key at the same time and having to duke it out. Except probably no one cares besides me.

--- 4 ---
I don't think I ever told the story about how my husband thought we weren't married. I can tell it now that the charm of reading my blog has worn off for him ;). When we flew back into the US from our honeymoon, we were standing in the immigration line. There was a sign that said to come up as a family. So I motioned for him to come with me and he said something like, "But we aren't technically married.". After glaring at him and then quickly smiling at the immigration guy, we got through the line and I hate to admit that I snapped at him "what do you mean we aren't married!?" with visions of the hours upon hours of planning and the wedding and honeymoon dancing in my head. He said that he thought it wasn't official until we got the marriage license in the mail. SOMEONE was not listening in marriage prep!!!! I still laugh (and tease, oh do I tease) over that.

--- 5 ---
This got delivered to us yesterday:

It is just chilling on the front porch til installation. It better be worth the astronomical price. I'm sure no longer experiencing torrential downpours in our bedroom will be worth it but gah, house crap is expensive! Steven keeps pointing out that we could spend double what we've spent on house repairs and still have gotten a crazy good deal on our house (it was a short sale) so I keep telling myself that. Oddly, it doesn't calm me as much as a bowl of ice cream can.
--- 6 ---
Speaking of, those are my Saturday plans. Watching people install a window for hours. YAY. For some reason, I'm super self conscious when work people are at my house. Which means I have a list of things I need to get done, but I'll sit on the couch feeling awkward all day. I think I need a social skills class!

--- 7 ---
Stay tuned to the blog Monday. I have a post coming up about women's roles in the Catholic church! Woot woot!

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  1. I'm not sure these are the most boring ever, I mean, have you read mine?

  2. Working in the window industry, I definitely know those aren't cheap! Hopefully it alleviates your problems!
    I'm at a weight loss plateau again. I feel like I don't have much more to lose but it's frustrating when I didn't hit my goal. Ugh.

  3. Not as calming as a bowl of ice cream. YAY, that made me smile. Yes, house stuff is super expensive, and usually ill timed. Best of luck with the plants.

  4. Hahaha love the story about him not thinking you were married!

    I am so awkward when people come to work on our apartment too. I'm never sure if I should just go and do my own thing, or hang around near them while they are working on it....

  5. excited for the Monday a woman (duh!) working in the Church, it sometimes drives me nuts that people think to have a role in the church we need to ordain women. hope the installation goes well!

  6. Yay for the coupons! Can't wait for Monday's post.