Saturday, March 23, 2013

Joys of Everyday Life

There are many posts that I write for my readers. They are all also 'for me', but I cater the topic or my delivery of information for those of you who read my blog. You probably couldn't tell ;), but I do! This is not one of those posts. Every once in a while, I just want to document something for myself. I have a pretty terrible memory. Though I can remember the birthdays, addresses, and other random, needless facts about the 34 people on my caseload at work, I have a really hard time recalling experiences in life. It makes me sad because a friend will bring something up that I *kind of* remember, but never would have remembered it on my own. I think that's part of why I started blogging many years ago (on a different site). I wanted a record of every day life events that I may not recall years from now. I do still enjoy going back to my original blog, picking a random date, and seeing what was going on then.

Newlyweds yapping while the photog attempted to do her thing.

One thing I really want to remember when we are old and gray, or even in a few years when (God willing) we have children keeping us insanely busy, is some of our newlywed memories. The simplest things make me sit back and thank God for the gift of marriage and for the gift of Steven, in particular. Last night we had a date night (which is basically what we call it any time we leave the house!) that was so simple but so special and fun. We started off by going to stations of the cross at our church. Since we were members of a different parish last year, this was our first time doing stations here. It was definitely different, as our parish now is smaller and very humble, without the bells and whistles I loved at our old parish. But sometimes simple can be so refreshing! The church was at least 2/3 full, if not fuller. I LOVE seeing a busy church for non-required events! There were some singles, a few young marrieds like us, families with children, and older couples all together celebrating the way of the cross. Our deacon led it and he was efficient while also reverent... my favorite combo! One thing I love about Steven is that he isn't afraid to be affectionate in church. I'm not really sure where the idea came from that it's 'inappropriate' in church, but he never got that message and I love it. We would be in the middle of one of the stations, and he'd just brush my hand, or put his hand on my back for a second. Little gestures like that still melt my heart. 

In real life my hands are kinda creepy. But I love this picture!

After stations, we originally were going to go back home. But at dinner, I had told Steven that I wanted a coffee drink earlier in the day, but my day got really busy so I just didn't have time (I have a gift card I am burning through it quickly!). He said he had been wanting a shamrock shake*, and asked if I wanted to go on a 'drink date' after stations. So after church, we got in the car and headed to the next town over. I love a night drive! We got his shake, then swung through and got me a frappuccino, and just talked and enjoyed our treats on the drive back home. My heart was so happy! I know these years will pass so quickly and at some point be a distant memory, while we start a different yet equally exciting and fulfilling stage of married life, and I will really enjoy coming back and seeing how things were 'back in the day'. 

*Hey, don't judge ;)! We didn't give up sweets for Lent! (Although, our goal is to be one of those families who doesn't give up sweets for Lent, but just has that as a standard Lenten practice along with whatever we give up.... yeah, didn't happen this year.)


  1. Just love the little things like this in married life...and I love me a shamrock shake too!

  2. Sounds like a lovely date night! BTW my husband has a similar affectionate side, nothing big but little gestures that warm my heart and make my day even ten years married.

  3. One of my favorite memories, even after 35 years and MANY good memories, is when we were newlyweds in a new city with only each other - on hot summer nights, we'd ride to the local ice cream store w/the windows down enjoying the breeze down the shaded street on the way there and talking about our day. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!