Monday, February 25, 2013

The Church Rocks Social Media

If you need a bit of cheering up about Papa B stepping down this week, then you have come to the right place! Our Church is really rocking social media during this tough time, and it makes me infinitely happy! I love to see people my age get so excited about the conclave and find creative, unique ways to show it. Maybe stuff like this happened during the last conclave too, but I wasn't nearly as in tune with my faith then, so I totally missed it. I paid attention to who was elected, and that was about it. This time around, I am having a lot of fun and seeing so many opportunities to pray! Check out these websites below, if you haven't already seen them, and I promise it will help your conclave experience!

Super Awesome Popey/Conclavey Sites

  • Adopt a Cardinal! You will be assigned a cardinal to pray for leading up to and during the conclave. What a great opportunity to pray for someone who will be part of a VERY big decision! I was doing some reading the other day about how we should pray not for the Holy Spirit to make the decision, but for the Holy Spirit to guide the decision, since God never takes away free will. I've been working on making that my prayer intention. 
  • Electing the Pope : This site gives great information for both Catholics and non-Catholics about the process, what exactly will be going on, and what it all means. It is the tiniest bit dry, but you will come away with a lot of knowledge. I could see this site being used to make trivia questions for a youth group.
  • Vatican Insider : Super amazing visual on the actual conclave! So informative and really well made. l've actually gone through it twice now, because there is a lot to absorb. This is great for kids, too!
  • Fantasy Conclave: I seriously saved the best for last. This website restored all my faith in the young generation of Catholics. We can be faithful AND fun! Websites like this go a long way in breaking down those stereotypes of Catholics being stuffy and boring. Pick who you think will become pope and make sure you pick the day of conclave! I somehow missed that so I got stuck with day 1.
I found all of these through facebook, but I know there are more! Are there any I just have to see? 


  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I love it when people like you get why I created the site! Good luck!

  2. Stacy, I just heard about the first and last ones today! Cannot wait to share all these with the teens at Youth Group next weekend!

  3. I entered the Fantasy Conclave. I probably have no chance of winning but it was fun.