Monday, February 18, 2013

Guest post alert!

Today I am guest posting about St. Felicity over at Jenna's blog, It's Just Called Spicy. Her blog is great in general, so check out some of her other posts while you're there! Here is an excerpt, but you'll have to click over for the rest:

 "I would like to say that, through learning more about the saints, I chose one that I felt would guide me and that I could relate to....Nope, not how it happened. Remember the late 90's tv show Felicity? Yes, I'm sure you can see where this is headed."

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  1. OMG I picked mine because it was my name in 6th grade Spanish class and I was excited I could make it my name permanently. They shouldn't let you pick your name til you're an adult LOL. Pretty sure it's the same for little Jewish kids who choose a Hebrew name at their Bat/Bar Mitzvah. (They're usually given one at birth, but can choose their own if they want to or take on a second name)