Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
Can you believe that Lent is NEXT week!? I am so not prepared for it this year, but ready or not, here it comes so I had better get ready! As is typical for me, I'll be deciding what to give up/add until the last minute. Right now I have two contenders and I am so not going to be heroic and do both. If I go to noon Mass, is it terrible to wipe the ashes off before I go back to work? I'm just not in a job where discussing religion is appropriate (I work with people with mental illness so religious talk is pretty much prohibited).

--- 2 ---
We are going out to Valentine's dinner next week (yes, during Lent... FOR SHAME!) because we have a gift card and two coupons.... one for an amount off the meal and one for a free dessert. YAY for free/extra free dinner! Steven is working til 7, so we are making reservations for 8 and hoping we get there on time. I am debating whether to count points that day. We rarely go to an actual restaurant so I may not be able to control myself and there is a VERY good chance I will

--- 3 ---
If you're keeping up with my vegetable planting saga (I know no one is), I planted peas, they immediately died when rain poured off the roof and into the big pot, then I planted peas again in little containers and they died when they fell off the ledge of the deck, and then, because I'm a glutton for punishment, I planted peas, carrots, and bell peppers (or squash?) back into the little containers. I planted 3 kinds of seeds in 5 containers and have no clue what I put in which container. Well, two of them are growing and needed to be re-planted, so I put them together in a big pot, since they look the same. I hope they actually turn into vegetables so I can find out what it is! Another of the little pots is growing into something, too, and the last two are DOA. Here are the peas I dug out of the pot from the first round after they met an untimely death:

--- 4 ---
You know how I've been excited the past few weeks about Steven being off on Sunday or Saturday? Well this week he is working all. seven. days. so I have no excitement to share. Unless you consider me taking on his chores this week (cleaning the bedroom and master bathroom and doing laundry) excitement. In which case, I'll be celebrating with a vinegar/water mix.

--- 5 ---
In exciting thyroid news, I had my 6 week follow up bloodwork and my thyroid is now normal! Ten points to Armour thyroid for doing the job! Although, I was eating coconut oil 1tbsp per day pretty religiously too, but I've slacked lately so I guess we'll see in 3 months if that effects it at all. The only bad part about taking a daily medication is that I have to set my alarm for 6, wake up and take the pill, and then have a second alarm set for when it's actually time to get up and get ready, since it works best if you don't eat for an hour. I don't want to fudge on that rule, because I really don't want to be on a higher dose than I need to. I'm pretty used to doing it, but it is a bit of a pain.

--- 6 ---
We had an HOA meeting this week and people from the town came to present to (all 7 of) us about a bond we are voting on in March. If it passes, in about 5 years we will be able to WALK to the newly located library and rec center, which will be about 1.5 miles from our house. OMGEEZERS! In 5-10 years, we would be able to walk to a commuter train stop which would take us to the next 3 cities over, that would be about a mile from the house. Annnnd they promised that the playground that is a mile from the house will be available to us no matter what happens to the old rec center. It was a happy meeting.

--- 7 ---
Thanks for the post ideas you gave me last week. This week, I wrote a beginner's guide to praying which also includes non-beginner level stuff. This week I have another faith post planned and, if I can get my act together to do more than 1 non-quick takes post, I am brainstorming a lifestyle post. I am wrapped up in a really good book right now, so I've been making less time for posting. I also will have a review post in the next few weeks and, since it's my 3rd one, I will follow it up with a giveaway! 

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  1. We also had plans to go out on V-Day, but our sitters all have their own plans! Silly college students. Always wanting to be with their beaus on the love day!

  2. I can't believe it's about to be Lent either! So glad to hear your thyroid is normal! I hope you have a wonderful weekend besides the cleaning! :)

  3. You know I use to take Armour Thyroid Meds and actually I need to get back on it. Now that I have moved away, I need to find a new OB/GYN but I would like to find one who is pro-life.

    Sorry to hear about those plants...I have been thinking about planting a little garden on my enclosed porch, but unsure if I will.

  4. Yay thyroid being normal! And I can't believe Lent is next week either. Well, Easter is like in March, so I guess it makes sense!

  5. Don't wipe off the ash- you will be a good witness, and people should know it's Ash Wednesday. My vanity always makes me want to hide out after I get the ashes, but I try to soldier on thinking about what Jesus had to do for me. I think SAINT Valentine's Day is a great excuse to feast during Lent ;)

  6. Congrats on the thyroid! Please, please, please, buy yourself a growbox. It makes it super easy to grow things, I promise! All you have to do is plant and then put water in the bottom. That's it.

  7. Haha, I sort of have the opposite reaction with leaving ashes/deciding what to do for Lent. I always have everything planned in advance and I'm bummed that our Ash Wednesday service is at 6:30 P.M. so I can't wear my ashes anywhere. Of course, that's more my wanting attention than piety :P

  8. w00t to a train!! I love trains. So sad there isn't one here for me to take around :(