Friday, February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
So let's get the Papa B thing out of the way right up front. Am I sad that Pope Benedict XVI is leaving? Yes, I am. Am I upset/angry/mad/feeling abandoned? No. I trust the pope's judgment fully. This is not different to me than any other Catholic issue or teaching I struggle with. I know that he has thought long and hard, prayed unceasingly, and that this is where God has led him... what more could I ask for? I will miss him, but I know that he is doing what he feels is best for the Church. On a side note, my parents funded a trip for me to be in the audience of JPII in 2002 and B16 in 2007. After that, I set a life goal of being in the audience of every pope in my life time. I had better start saving my pennies...

--- 2 ---
I'm having a super low tech Catholic fiction book giveaway that closes tonight. So far there are only TWO entries! I would be delighted if either of those ladies won, but I would be equally delighted to see more
entrants! If you are stressed about the entry requirement, just tell me your favorite TOPIC I've blogged about :).

--- 3 ---
To those of you still hanging strong with the Catechism (to which I owe my success to my husband), can you believe we are 128 days into it!? I feel like we started much more recently than 128 days ago, and it will probably be over before we know it! I am ready to get into the nitty gritty stuff, though.

--- 4 ---
So, on the advice of Anne-Marie, I am definitely buying a grow box for next year. But I'm happy to announce that my plants survived yet another week. My husband especially enjoyed this week because I didn't say "Can you bring the babies inside?" even one time since it didn't freeze. Yes, I refer to my plants as babies. Crazy plant lady? Anyway, they are in a heavy terra cotta type planter so his back was grateful for the mild weather (which ends tonight. Sorry, love). He called me outside this morning to show me a plant growing in one of the tiny containers, where previously nothing has been growing. It was chilly, the ground was wet, and I had no shoes on. I got out there.... and it was fertilizer in the soil. LOVE HIM!

--- 5 ---
Our St. Valentine's was simple but wonderful, which is how we like to do most things. We had dinner out at Ruby Tuesday where I was a fatty with no qualms. In fact, I took the day off from counting points, which was nice, but I was craving my normal food by this morning. Steven got me a potted tulip, which he wins tons of points for since I can save the bulbs to plant in the yard. He didn't even know that it's the more "green" flower option! He also got me some balloons (why did I not know that I am totally a balloon girl until now?) and Reese's cups. Naughty...

Sorry for the hazy photo. That's what happens when you have to use the crappy front camera on your phone because there is no one to take your picture! 

--- 6 ---
Tonight we're supporting our local Knights of Columbus fish fry. Something feels wrong about having delicious fried food in place of meat but... hey, it's church approved! Steven is going to have fish but I'm opting for the mac n cheese/hush puppy plate. *Carb heaven* Me thinks next week's weigh in will not be pretty (down 11.8!).
--- 7 ---
I have sooo many posts to catch up on. I still have 2 partially written posts that I need to finish, and 2 guest posts that I haven't even started. I used to feel like I had all the time in the world for blogging, but lately I haven't gotten nearly as much done as I want to! How do you stay on top of your posts and what type of blogging rhythm do you have (if you have one)? 

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  1. Way to go on the weight loss! I've been epic failing lately. It's probably good I gave up sweets for Lent, since that's been the culprit lately. And then someone brings in cupcakes. I'd enter your giveaway but I already have it! And I love it!
    I hope you enjoy the fish fry! Sounds like you guys had fun last night for Valentine's Day!

  2. We are also going to a local fish fry! Yeah for Lent!

  3. I love tulips! I can't wait to have a house so I can plant flowers! Hope you have a good weekend :)

  4. I am so excited you are getting a grow box! I hope you love it. I just leave the hose in the water spout at the bottom so I just have to turn it on to fill it up. What are you going to plant?

  5. Those tulips are so sweet! And agree on Pope Benedict :)