Monday, January 28, 2013

Yard Sale!

Over at Fine Linen and Purple, a community wide yard sale is being hosted! I thought I'd have a lot more to sell, but I'm having that "but what if I lose weight!?" dilemma now that I'm back on Weight Watchers. Really, I should sell it all because then I'm guaranteed to lose weight ;). But anyway, here's a few goodies from my closet! Price does not include shipping, but if you give me your zipcode I can tell you how much shipping will cost... hopefully around $2-3 per item. If you order more than one item, you'll get a discount. I use Paypal for payment. If the item is still available in a couple days, feel free to haggle the price! Email me at if there is an item you want. I will try to keep this as updated as possible and take things down when and if they sell.

St. John's Bay size L; this is one of my favorite shirts EVER but it hasn't fit in quite a while.

Cato size XL; this shirt fits but I just never could get into the ruffly material.\

Liz Claiborne size petite M. Petite? What was I thinking!? This used to be one of my favorite shirts because it is SO SOFT, but it no longer fits. The fabric shows a little wear, but only if you are looking closely at it. 

Merona size M. I would say it fits like a roomy M. 
$4 (or 2/$6 with the below shirt)

Merona size M. Twin to the purple shirt; see price above.

St. John's Bay size L (red, not pink). I love the style, but should not be allowed to purchase stripes.

Merona size L, but a roomy L. Comfy elastic waist and (on me) hits a little below the knee. Dresses suit my body shape better than skirts, but it's a nice, casual skirt.

Hide your chillun! Adult eyes only! K, just kidding. This cute little nighty has never been worn, due to the size L being kind of a joke. It is more like a M... or maybe a not-super-endowed L. It's a cute, baby doll style and is soft with ruffly straps and a ruffled bottom. It is "Smart n Sexy" brand, which is an online retailer... it is not smart nor sexy for me to buy things like this online.

Old Navy pj pants size L, cute little trim along the bottom.

Same pants as above, different print. 

Magenta purse. Can't find a tag to tell you the brand! 99% of my bags are Liz Claiborne but I don't think this one is....

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