Friday, January 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
Let's start off this week's quick takes with a little humor. Here are this week's hilarious google searches that led people to my blog:

  • "on our wedding night" tmi
  • nfp messy
  • nfp tmi

--- 2 ---
Did I miss my calling as a sex blogger??? Sorry ladies, it's hard enough for me to give regular updates on using NFP now that more people read my blog. Me thinks the above topics won't make their debut on this blog any time soon!

--- 3 ---
I also had someone find my blog by googling my email address, and someone else by googling my email address and the word "number". I don't know why, but that gave me the skeevies a little bit. I originally did not have my email address and blog linked together, but I ended up changing it. I think I might change it back. Or else actually use the address I made forever ago. Thoughts?

--- 4 ---
Now that THAT is over with, let's talk about how my life was balancing a caseload of 70 (versus my normal 35) this week, PLUS doing paperwork and fielding phone calls for two, PLUS interviewing 3 people for the open position. Well, let's just say that I would be really happy that it's Friday, except that I go on call tonight. It could not have happened worse if I'd planned it! I am hoping for a quiet weekend, but my anxiety level stays above normal just *knowing* that the phone could ring. My weekend plans besides church are: computer, tv, books, finally put away the Christmas decorations that are taking over the guest room. So as long as the phone is fairly quiet, hopefully I will be ready for another INSANE week on Monday. We are going to offer the job to someone today (as soon as we figure out which of our 2 favorites we are hiring!) but it will probably be the first of February before that person can start.

--- 5 ---
Alright, alright, nobody likes a whiner. I get it! So in happy news, I ate like 65 points last Saturday and enjoyed I surprised my dad for his birthday and my mom took us out to Red Lobster. I devoured cheddar bay biscuits, coconut shrimp, and bacon wrapped shrimp along with a hefty pile of mashed potatoes. *drool* I still came out with 6 leftover weekly points, though! Only a measly .6 lb weight loss, but I expected that.
--- 6 ---
I did the saint generator a few weeks ago, decided to do a blog post about them (one for us as a family, one for the blog) and promptly forgot all about it. Oops. I rock novenas but I suck at appreciating blog saints.

--- 7 ---
Today I will actually have time to enjoy quick takes over a cup of coffee because there is a two hour delay due to inclement weather which means no staff meeting! Woohoo!

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  1. The trick is to cheat right after a weigh in then have the rest of the week to work it off :)

  2. The few weeks after your initial loss always sucks for weight loss (have you ever watched biggest loser?) You'll get it!
    and you do have those extra 49 so who cares :)

  3. #1 and #2...hilarious. But hey, you probably helped someone! I think there so need to be honest resources out there =) Have a good weekend, Stacy!

  4. coconut shrimp. don't even get me started. Mmmmmmm!

  5. Reading number 5 and it reminded me that soon I will be making a little fish/seafood for the hubby. (I am allergic to all types of fish, doesn't matter if they are fresh or sea).

  6. Hahaha it's so funny how people come across blogs! I would definitely recommend using your Catholic and Crunchy Gmail account, but maybe I'm just overly cautious. Really I think it just depends on how comfortable you feel with people you know being able to find your blog. I am so sorry that work has been so stressful recently. That is absolutely insane!! I hope you have a VERY relaxing weekend! :)