Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Goals

I'm really going to miss 2012. It was the year we became husband and wife AND the year we purchased our home. We have felt incredibly blessed this year in so many ways, and I'm actually a little sad to see the year go. I'm all, "But it will never be our wedding year ever again!". It's kind of disgusting. Anyway, hopefully next year will be just as good or even better, even with life's upsets and challenges. 

I decided to go ahead and make my goal list for this year. I like goals so much more than resolutions. Instead of saying that I'm going to do x starting right now and for this whole year, and then stopping on day 3, goals give me something to build and work toward. This might seem like a lot, but we are dealing with an entire calendar year, so I think I have plenty of time. I'll do the same style as last year since apparently I met a lot of the goals without even revisiting my goal list. If it ain't broke...

Blog Goals
  • Continue to grow my readership (just like last year). I don't have a need for a huge following, but I do love the support and ideas I get from those who read and comment, so more readers can never be bad.... well, I'm sure a psycho stalker reader could be bad, but you know what I mean.
  • Do at least 1 giveaway for every 3 reviews. I know, as a blog reader, that giveaways are way more fun than reviews, so I want to be sure I have some sort of balance to them. I already have an item to giveaway (hint: It's a book that I got 2 of for Christmas lol!).
  • Stay real. A lot more 'in real life' people are reading my blog now than they were last year, and that makes it harder for me to just be me and say what I really want to say. It's easier when you don't actually know the people reading your blog. But, I want to stay true to myself and true to my readers, so I'm challenging myself not to censor based on who is reading.

Health Goals
  • Rejoin Weight Watchers and stick with it for the year.
  • Exercise progressively more throughout the year. I'm going to start off small, because when I start off big, I get burnt out and quit. So, I'm starting with 4 days a week, 20 minutes a day and will increase it every month. (I bought a cool stepper type thingy that I'll have to post about).
  • Eat whole foods and real foods, not low point, chemical laden foods as I did last time I did Weight Watchers. Yes, it worked, but I know it wasn't good for me!

Personal/Faith Goals
  • Finish the Catechism and have begun the 365 day schedule of reading the Bible before the end of the year.
  • Celebrate the Easter season (instead of just Easter day).
  • Celebrate my saint's feast day.
  • Scrapbook our wedding.
  • Enjoy the stage of life we are in, as fully as possible... this can consist of activities (like double feature movies that we wouldn't do with an infant) or just an inner recognition/appreciation for where we are right now.

Finance Goals
  • Save enough for fence and/or shed (haven't decided totally on the fence yet).
  • Reach our savings goal for when I quit working.

Marriage Goals
  • Work on my approach... basically, think before I speak much more than I do now.
  • Play one board game a week, on average (it's our best 2nd best 'face time', but sometimes we are lazy and won't get one out).

Future Goals
I'm going to leave this one empty as some of the above covers futurey stuff, and I really want to focus more on the present.

House Goals (new category!)
  • Finish our touch-up painting in all rooms.
  • Get the future baby room looking more like a future baby room (read: empty) and less like a storage room.
  • Figure out the fence/shed situation and get on it.
  • Plant a small container garden.
  • Kill off the weeds in preparation for grass. 
  • Redo the mulch in the front gardens. 
  • Clean and stain the deck.
  • Put new blinds and curtains in the kitchen.


  1. Sound like good goals to me! Congrats on how well you did for 2012!

  2. Love this! Oh, and go for the fence! Whether you add human or furry members to your family, you will l.o.v.e love LOVE having a fence!

    We love board games too :) - have you ever played Mexican Train Dominoes?