Sunday, December 23, 2012

What I Wore Sun...Saturday!

So I think this might be my last What I Wore Sunday. I love the link up because it's helped me be more mindful of how I present myself in front of the Eucharist (today I ironed!), but I also get stressed out by it because I don't like the way the pictures look, it takes a million tries to get one where something of me isn't cut off (Steven seems to never be here when I'm doing it), I routinely wear the same few outfits to Mass; and the biggest reason is that, while I want to continue looking nice for the banquet of the Lord, I just don't get into fashion that much, and have the tiniest bit of that 'trying to fit in' feeling that I used to get in high school and college. No bueno. It has nothing to do with the link up.... it's all me, girls! I'm just not one of those people who loves fashion. I mean, I want to be presentable and I want my clothes to be flattering and feel comfortable, but it pretty much ends there. I have way more fun picking out stuff for the house! But, since I spent about 20 anxiety filled minutes getting the pictures, I figured I might as well participate this week ;).

 First, here is my reject pile of clothes. I originally had on the vertical zebra striped shirt with a black silk scarf (that my friend recently brought me from Thailand!), but I couldn't get the scarf to look right, and the shirt was sleeveless and I didn't want to wear a cardigan and jacket, so I decided to find sleeves. So then I put on the black long sleeve shirt but I just wasn't happy with it. I'm kind of weird with sleeves. Long sleeve shirts = the opposite of warm fuzzies. Looser sleeves like jackets or cardigan are fine. So I ended up with a plain black short sleeve shirt, but then I changed out the scarf....from my giant collection of 4 scarves, and I wore the cardigan.

 I wore my wedding day lip gloss for fun. And also because I just found it 8 months later. I switched to the turquoise scarf because it's longer.

This is the picture that causes me anxiety! I never know what to do with my hands. I never can find a flattering angle. I suck at the timer and positioning of the camera. And I never like how they turn out. 

So I pulled this bracelet out for the first time in 3 years. I really love the look of it! There is one small problem with the initials though.... We'll see if Steven notices! 

Shirt: Belk or Macy's... whoever has the Kim Rogers clothes that are cheap and comfy.
Cardigan: Old Navy
Pants: Target. Hate. Hate. Hate these pants. I like the color, but that's it. They grow multiple sizes within about 30 minutes of wearing them and they wrinkle like crazy. But I have a shortage of pants right now so they'll have to do.
Scarf: Who knows! 
Bracelet: bridesmaid gift in 2009
Shoes (not pictured): same black ones as always... they are sooo comfy!

We actually went to Mass last night (Saturday) and then had a wonderful date night, even though my poor hubby is under the weather. We had free pita and free baklava coupons so we went out to dinner after Mass, then to Trader Joe's for a few necessities, and to Adoration for a 30 minute quiet time sesh. It was a wonderful evening! 


  1. Great scarf color and lovely bracelet. I never quite know what to do with my hands, I'm generally striking a dork pose. Ah well. Date night sounds great, especially the Adoration portion ;-)

  2. You can always join in once a month, we'd love to have you here! As for the hands, always turn slightly to the side, put a hand on the hip and take your front foot and point forward. Old 4-H modeling days ;)

  3. Good call on the scarf - it's beautiful!

  4. I love that scarf with those pants. But I do know what you mean about pants that "grow" as you wear them. Ugh.

    Don't worry about repeating yourself on outfits. No one minds :-) WIWS is, imo, really just a great reminder to dress appropriately and a fabulous reason to blog hop and have a little fun.

  5. I LOVE your scarf, it is a GREAT color on you! And I second what Kathryn said, I almost always have my hands on my hips or in some goofy pose because I never quite know what to do with my hands either! We'd love to have you join the link up whenever you feel like it =)

  6. I really like your scarf and pants. The tones go well together and are quite flattering. I have loved all your ensembles and even though you say fashion "is not your thing", you sure do a great job of it but I certainly get what you mean about fitting in. I started in the home blogging area first but stopped because we rented and moved so often (5 times in 3 yrs) that I felt like I never could compare to the other blogs out there. Again, like you said, not that it is a competition but I always felt like I was selling myself short until I really could showcase what my design taste was in MY home.

  7. Sounds like a great date night! Love your bracelet, and the color of the pants and scarf. Never know what to do w/ my hands either. Thankfully it's not called "How I Posed Sunday". ;)

  8. I'm the same way about clothing linkups. Normally mild-mannered Cari turns into a howling, screaming mass of self-loathing and awkward.

    But I'm so glad you joined in this week. I love the scarf, and I love love love the colored pants. All my pants are "jeans" colored. Maybe I need to man up and branch out into the "non-jeans pants" world all the kids seem to be so crazy about.

  9. Your evening sounds fantastic! Love the color on the scarf. And please don't stress about all the other stuff- the blog hopping+community building is the funnestest part I think :)

  10. I love to see what your and everybody else wears, but if it's not fun for you, then by all means no worries. I like how you matched your eyes to your pants and scarf :-)

  11. The color of those pants is fantastic. Too bad they grow. My Old Navy jeans do that, but I'm a sucker for that annual $19 sale. I'm with Kathryn. You should drop in once a month, whenever your hubby is available for a photo shoot, so as to lessen the stress.

  12. Free pita and free baklava, dinner, TJ's AND Adoration?! Your date night sounds awesome. Your scarf is fabulous by the way. I love that shade of blue.

  13. That is a seriously awesome date night! I'm a big fan of the scarf too! I second the other comments - it's wonderful to have you and to stop by your blog each week regardless of what you're wearing. The community is the best part :)