Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Past

My Christmas Eve's will never be the same again (but that's ok!), so I thought I would participate in this link up as a way to commemorate my past 26 Christmas Eves, as I move into the changes that married life brings. Since my husband will work most Christmas Eves, we'll eventually make our own traditions at our house. For this year, we are heading to 7:30 pm mass, then making the 4 hour journey south to be with my family. My family will be doing their traditional celebration, and it's the first one I've ever missed. Of course I'd love to be there, but I'm not terribly sad about missing it, only because I would be even more sad if Steven had to make the drive alone, and I would spend the evening wishing he was with me. So while I'd love to be there, I'm content with seeing them all tomorrow, and reminiscing through Cari's link up tonight!

So welcome to Christmas Eve Past! Christmas Eve starts with my dad and me going to Mass. We usually head out to the 4pm one. We call on our way home and my mom begins setting out The Spread. We are famous for snacking like crazy on holiday eves. It's a Big Deal. My mom makes all kinds of deliciousness (veggies, fruit, chocolate covered nuts, crackers and cheese, brownies, cookies, NOM) and we snack on and off for hours, until we finally decide to go to bed. Often times we watch a Christmas themed tv show or movie, sometimes home videos. We chit chat and catch up, as it's usually a random assortment of people (there are only 3 of us kids plus 3 kids-in-law, but hardly ever are we all 3 there!). The house is oozing with decorations and we soak in the holiday feeling. It's simple but delightful. 

Christmas 2012 (my dementia kicked in... this is probably 2010): My sister, Rachel, me, and my brother, Adam

Christmas Eve 2011: As you can see, my parents' house is appropriately decorated in all things cat AND Christmas! Complete with a cat hanging out in the window.

My dad and me headed to Mass Christmas Eve 2010. I totally almost set this shirt out for Mass tonight. Awkward.

My mom shows her dedication to the festivities by donning her antlers each year (you haven't seen anything- she wears a turkey at Thanksgiving!).

Christmas Eve NOMS! If you read my post from earlier today, you'll understand why I have multiple plates. And yes, I do go back for 2nds. And 3rds... 

So I'm missing out on it this year, but my mom has promised to have a plate of snacks waiting on us when we arrive in the wee hours of the morning tonight <3. 

Merry Christmas!!! 


  1. I have that same shirt your mom is wearing!
    I love this idea- Christmas Eves past. Merry Christmas!

    1. This is not actually Lotus. This is Cari from Clan Donaldson. doy!

  2. Ummm that pic is definitely not 2012, and can't be 2011 either since I wasn't here!