Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Oddities

So, I'm sitting here waiting to make a Lowe's run and the reason why I haven't left yet got me thinking about my oddities. Then I thought, "Hey! I should share my weirdness with my readers so they can know me better!". But it doesn't stop there. I want you to let me know some of your oddities and quirks in the comments so I can feel better about myself get to know you better!

Side note: Why am I posting on Christmas eve? Because my beloved hubs is working a 12 hour day today (6:30am to 6:30pm) and I'm killing time til he gets off and we can go to Mass, and then head to SC for Christmas! My tasks include packing my stuff and packing gifts, so I have lots of time to kill!

Stacy's Oddities 
  • I won't go anywhere while the dryer is on. I have a fear of lint induced fires, even though we empty the lint trap regularly. Luckily for me, my husband does the laundry 99% of the time so I'm blissfully unaware of the goings-on with the dryer (usually I'm at work). But this is the reason why I haven't left for Lowe's yet, and what prompted this post. You can thank my lint trap later.
  • I hate when foods touch. If all the foods are of the dry-ish variety or big enough that they won't mix, it's ok. But if it's a saucey or juicey food, or if it's something small like corn, my skin sort of crawls for them to all share plates. My family makes fun of me because I tend to have 2+ plates at once during holiday dinners to prevent touching.
  • Long sleeves give me the heeby jeebies. I don't wear short sleeves year round because I'm clueless of the weather (though I am a weather optimist... see below), but because I don't like the feel of shirt sleeves on the wrist to elbow part of my arm. Jackets are the exception, because the sleeves are looser than shirt sleeves.
  • I'm a weather optimist. If the high is 65, I'm dressing for 65, regardless of the fact that the first 6 hours of the day might be in the 40's. It gives me something to look forward to... you know, not freezing.
  • Meat with bones in it freaks me out. It was a BIG. STEP. to start preparing and eating whole chickens in the crockpot. It still makes me a bit queasy, but it's getting better. I won't put bones on my plate though. I give Steven the legs/wings and just pull meat off to put on my plate. For this reason, you will rarely see me eating fried chicken, even though I loooove the fried goodness. Chicken tenders FTW.
  • Two oddities I inherited from my mom: I have to double check that the door is locked when I leave the house, even if I locked it myself or watched Steven lock it. Poor guy humors me and does it himself now because he knows I'm antsy if he doesn't. My other inherited one is that I hate my face being touched. I
  • And to round it out, here's a Christmas oddity. I'm creeping towards 30 and STILL can't sleep on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. I was up today at 5:30, full of excitement, even though I'm spending my day hanging out at home until church at 7:30 tonight! Silly childlike internal clock... It should be fun when we are on the road well past midnight tonight! At least my car is loaded down with Christmas cd's and snacks... :)
So spill! Tell me one or two of your most quirky traits :)! 


  1. Lol, love it!

    Here are mine:

    First, I absolutely cannot drink cold beverages out of ceramic mugs. My brain can't fathom cold liquid coming from a cup designed for hot liquid. Second, if I drink milk, I have to drink it immediately upon pouring it into my glass, and I have to drink all of it right away. I'm super sensitive to the temperature of the milk, and it has to be as cold as it was when it was in the fridge or I won't drink it, lol.

    1. Haha, the mug one makes me laugh but I can totally understand the milk one! Something about slightly warm dairy is gross lol.

  2. I absolutely cannot wear turtle necks, ever. I have to have my arms on top of the blankets when I sleep. I have to have my hot food super hot, but I'm super wimpy about hot beverages and can only have them warm - not hot.

    1. I get turtlenecks.... I feel the same way about necklaces! Does the arm thing mean you and your wife have blanket wars about how far up the blanket should be? ;)

  3. I have a few of yours, I also hate to have my foods touch however I rarely do the two plates, I put out my foods in such a way that touching is limited if it what I don't want to touch touches I just don't eat it. I also don't sleep on Christmas and Christmas Eve, I was up at 4:10 and go to bed sometime after midnight maybe 1 or 2 and then be up again at 4. When I was younger if we fell asleep waiting my older cousin would wake me up to tell me he just heard Santa on the roof I haven't slept since I was 7 even though I know better now. I need to be swaddle like to fall asleep, on my stomach with my arms under me and the cover as tight as possible, I don't usually stay like that all night but I fall asleep easier like that.

  4. Oh my gosh - my husband has the same meat with bones thing! I thought he was a weirdo - good to know there's two of you!

  5. i completely understand the food touching thing - I once had a coworker who told me that I would doom any future children to have food issues because I didn't like how my food touched. Do your arms get tingly feeling when long sleeves touch men - almost achy but not quite?