Friday, December 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
This is the first week that it dawned on me on Friday morning that I only had one take done! Usually I work on them slowly throughout the week, but this week has really gotten away from me. I'm sad that a week of my week and a half off of work has already flown by!

--- 2 ---
Have you seen the movie "The Bells of St. Mary's"? Am I the only person who could not get into it at all? It had nothing to do with it being an old movie (I loved the one about the flying monk...The Reluctant Saint, I think), but the plot was just so scattered that I had trouble staying interested. There were good moments, but we started watching it last night around 8pm, and turned it off at 9:30 in favor of heading to bed. It's too bad; I had high expectations!

--- 3 ---
I have eaten soooo much candy this week. I'm starting Weight Watchers on the 2nd, and will have no problem finishing it before then (and really, it will probably be gone after today!). I hate to be on of those cliche people who vows to lose weight in the new year, but I knew starting around the holidays was a sure way to fail, so I decided to wait until everything died down. Luckily, I'm very familiar with Weight Watchers, though I will be doing it online this time and did the meetings last time, so it shouldn't be too much of a shock to get started.
--- 4 ---
Speaking of, I can't even tell you how excited I was to find out that fruit is 'free'. On my last go round, I always got really angry when I would run out of points and was hungry. I would defiantly eat an apple and say "people don't get fat off of fruit!". Now I can eat my apples un-defiantly.

--- 5 ---
I wish Ikea was closer. They have these dressers we wanted to eventually get (like when we have a baby and put mine in that room), but they are switching suppliers and we found out on our quick visit Wednesday that they will be going away. We didn't have room in the car to buy them that day, so we are hoping to go back Sunday. It's 2.5 hours each way, but we'll make it fun. This all only matters if they actually have both dressers in stock by then. Apparently we weren't the only people eye-ing them up this last year because every time I check one or the other is out of stock. I'm hoping they get a shipment tomorrow, and then we can get there when they open Sunday. If they don't have it, I will stress and check the website 5 times a day til they come in, but enjoy a day off together. First world problems, I tell ya.

--- 6 ---
Our tree looks to be in good health, so I'm thinking it will last until the epiphany! My mom sent me home with some Christmas decorations she didn't want anymore, and it was fun putting them out knowing that I could enjoy them for 2 weeks. I still have my advent stuff out, but it all goes in the same containers so I'm not sure if I'll put it away or not. I might at least set that stuff in the guest room so I don't see it. I mean, we waited in anticipation for Christmas for a reason, I don't want advent candles staring at me at dinner during Christmas!

--- 7 ---
Alright people, I'm bringing out the big guns. I need your help! I love scrapbooks... like love them. But I rarely make them now (I'm quite behind) and don't see that track record improving once we have kids. Part of me feels like the world is just going to online albums and I need to move with it... upload and done! It would save so much time and sooo much money. But the other part of me says that, unless I'm paying for online photo storage, I could lose those photos with the slightest policy change AND isn't a hard copy always better? I just don't know what to do! How are you preserving all your family memories? Online, on paper, or some combination?

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  1. I love getting decorations from my family! My mom bought us a bunch for Christmas for our house next year! And in regards to 7.. I make shutterfly books (most of the time for free w/shipping) and the photos stay on the site. I also keep a backup of all my pictures on an external hard drive.
    And good luck with WW! We can be accountability partners! I started with Online and when I plateaued, I started going to meetings because it was nice to have a group. We should totally have an online group. maybe I'll make a facebook one! :)

    1. If you make it, I will totally join :). I loved the meetings last time but I'm doing online in the interest of $, so a fb group would probably be helpful!

  2. Good luck with WW! Do they have a book or something where one could just learn their point system? I think I would really benefit from that but don't need the actual program, ya know?

    1. Girl you are cray cray. In what alternate universe do you need WW!? I think you can find the point system online (illegally haha) for free. I even have a $5 app that is a rip off WW called Ultimate Food Value Diary or something.

  3. Stacy, which furniture line at Ikea is disappearing? I'm preparing myself for heartbreak! Is it Hemnes?!?

    1. YES!!!!!!!! Per one worker, their new supplier may still be making it, but they couldn't make us any promises. And from what I saw, it was just the dressers that had the signs on it (though we didn't look too hard at the other Hemnes stuff... but I think we did oogle the bookshelves and they appeared safe).

  4. Ikea road trip!! There is one about 30 minutes from where I live and I've never been in it. They literally closed the freeway down the weekend it opened, it was so crazy!! Hopefully they have your dressers in stock!