Friday, December 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
This week, we began doing the O Antiphons which is a first for both of us. In fact, we hadn't even heard of it until my NFP instructor said something about it last year! That being said, what do you do with them? We are just reading them straight from the website, but I was wondering if there is something you 'do'. I've seen some kid-related things, but not too much for adults. Maybe that means we are just supposed to read them :).

--- 2 ---
We tackled another house project this week... recaulking the kitchen and master bathroom. And boy, was there a learning curve! We scraped off the old caulk, which took some of our 6 month old paint job with it. So, we had to tape, spackle, sand, and paint. Then it took us forever to figure out which edge we wanted to use, and then we began caulking. Well, we quickly realized that it was not going to look professional so Steven suggested we tape it first. We did that, and it worked much better... until the 30 minute dry time was actually about 10 minutes and we were having to scrape and redo sections that looked funny. We started the project Sunday afternoon and didn't finish until Monday night! All I have to say is, how do people live without their kitchens in remodels? We were kitchenless for just over a day and it made me so anxious!

--- 3 ---
Steven totally made me faith-swoon last week. We went out to dinner Friday for his friend's birthday. It was hibachi style and there were 10 people there. We pray before meals 99% of the time but, honestly, in that setting I wasn't even thinking of it since it was 'his' event with his friends. Just as I picked up my fork, he took my hand and asked me if I wanted to pray, and then said a prayer. It was a really sweet private moment, even among so many people. I love that man!

--- 4 ---
This has been such a feel good week at work. We get donations every year to give my people Christmas presents. They are adults, but this is the only present most of them get all year round, so they are VERY excited about it! The donations were above and beyond this year. I always send 2 choices in case whoever adopts the person can't find one. Well for quite a few of our people, the adopters got both items. They really know how to make someone's Christmas! I spent all week dropping off the presents and seeing lots of smiles. What a great way to enter into the Christmas season! I am officially off work until January 2nd after today... YAY!!!

--- 5 ---
Speaking of the holidays, we'll be out of town for a very short time, but I'm still worried about security. I know people unfortunately tend to get robbed more during Christmas time because a) people are gone from their homes and b) there is usually new loot. I think I'm going to buy one of those light timers that turns lights on and off in different rooms, plus one of our cars will be in the driveway. Hopefully our neighbors will be on the lookout, too. Any other tips for securing your home while you're gone? I never worried much in apartments because I always lived in units that were kind of inconvenient to rob for one reason or another.

--- 6 ---
Irony: paying more for the Seventh Generation dishwasher powder and then realizing that the Target brand has a 1/3 of the ingredients AND the 3 it has are all in the Seventh Generation detergent. And that, folks, is why you shouldn't just blindly choose things that appear to be more natural.

--- 7 ---
Last but not least, I want to wish my fabulous readers a very Merry Christmas, a few days in advance! 

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  1. Have a great Christmas break! And give that faithful husband a kiss for me. Swoon is right!

  2. Merry Christmas! And aww about Steven. That's so awesome. I don't have any tips for securing your house other than get one of those outside lights that light up when someone is there. I know a lot of people use those.

  3. #3...adorable. From what I know of the O Antiphons, they correspond to morning and evening prayer in the Liturgy of the Hours, taking the place of the antiphons you say during the prayers in Ordinary Time. I've had such an on-off relationship with the Divine Office for the last few years, and every time Advent rolls around and people are talking about the O's, I wish I'd started them, too! I guess it's still not too late...

    Merry Christmas to you and Steven!!

  4. Just learning more about #1 this year myself...they've made for great FB statuses for my work page...though something tells me I should be doing more with them than that ;).

    Love #3 :)

  5. You could always get a home alarm system... but probably not before Christmas at this point. Have you considered a large dog?

    Seriously though, multiple timer lights, good locks on the windows and doors, and nosy neighbors should be enough. More determined/skilled thieves wouldn't be detterred, but if I were skilled thief I'd rob rich people...

  6. I realize I'm kind of a sap but #3 made me tear up a little! So sweet! I love little moments like that!

  7. I loved your #3! Yay for good Catholic men!

  8. We always tell our neighbors that we are going out of town. That way they can keep an eye out. Your story is super sweet; you have a good husband.

  9. See if you can get a security system sign in your front yard. Even w/o a security system I've heard it a burglar is 70% less likely to rob a house just if it has the sign. I've got a lot of friends w/ signs but no systems. Merry Christmas!

  10. #5: See if you can put your mail on hold while you're gone.

  11. The O Antiphons can simply used for personal prayer but they are also the Gospel Acclamations for the 17th to the 23rd, as well as the antiphon to the Magnificat at Evening Prayer (Vespers) for the Liturgy of the hours.

    There is a corresponding verse in O Come O Come Emmanuel for each of the O Antiphons, if you want to add something to the prayer you can sing the verse and the refrain, I'm kind of late with this reply so I'll only give the last one which is actually the 1st verse

    O Come, O Come Emmanuel
    And ransom captive Israel;
    That mourns in lonely exile here,
    Until the Son of God appear.

    Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
    Shall come to thee, O Israel!