Friday, December 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
I'm probably a nerd for saying this, but I bought a chiropractor groupon this week and I am SO. SO. excited about using it! My mom has always had really good results and, having not the best back in the world, I've wanted to try it for a while but didn't want to pay the higher copay my insurance would require. I am getting the xrays and 4 adjustments for $36! My copay would have been $50 per appointment so that is a definite WIN.

--- 2 ---
Is it me or is this month FLYING by? I feel like I'm going to blink and it will be Christmas. And the year too, for that matter. Today we have been married 8 months. EIGHT months! That's crazy to me. I know we were super busy for the first few months after we got married (buying the house, getting it ready, and then moving) but I still feel like time has flown. We like to celebrate our monthivesary's this first year, and tonight we are going out for hibachi for Steven's friend's birthday. Since it's more expensive of a meal than we would usually go to, we are going to let it double for our monthivesary :).

--- 3 ---
Is it normal for a Christmas tree to look different throughout the season? It isn't dropping needles like crazy or anything, but I do notice that it looks slightly less full than it did when we first bought it... maybe a tiny bit anemic in some parts. We have no experience with real trees so I don't know if that's normal. I'm watering it daily and recently switched to lukewarm water because I read that cold water makes the sap hard, and makes it harder for water to get up the trunk.

--- 4 ---
I saw an idea on Pinterest (did I tell you I finally joined!?) where you cut a slice from the trunk, put a ribbon through it, write "Our First Christmas Tree 2012" and use it as an ornament. I want to do that SO BADLY but we don't have a saw and I feel ridiculous buying one just to make the ornament. Any ideas?

--- 5 ---
Speaking of social media, I still don't get twitter. Don't get me wrong, it was super fun watching the Pope make his first tweet, but so far that's about all I've gotten from it. It just seems pointless and redundant.

--- 6 ---
This weekend we're having my in laws over for lunch on Sunday. I'm a little nervous because we've never cooked for them before, and his mom ALWAYS cooks for us. Here is the menu so far: paprika chicken (Steven will make), homemade mac and cheese (I'll make), green beans, yeast rolls, and I will make some type of simple dessert... maybe cookies. I know they will love whatever I make, but I have this unfortunate problem where most everything I make for Steven and me rocks but when I cook for other people it tends to bomb (do you remember the pecan pie I was supposed to take to my in laws for Thanksgiving?). So we'll see how it goes!

--- 7 ---
I bought purple curtains. For the living room. I love my husband for not caring! I think he actually called them 'pretty'. Or he might have said 'nice' which I will choose to interpret as 'pretty'. Hopefully they'll be ironed and on a rod next week so I can show a picture! 

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  1. Good luck with your dinner! I don't have any ideas for the saw.. but you could always buy a cheaper saw that you use to cut down the tree (like a cheap hand saw).
    I hope these next few months fly by ;)

  2. I don't get twitter or FB. I know, shocking!

    Good luck cooking for the inlaws, I have the BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe on my blog if you need inspiration (and I'm the biggest cookie snob out there)!

  3. Happy eight months!!! The Christmas tree thing is normal. The branches tend to fall a little bit, which makes it look a little less full. I hope you find a way to make that ornament! I wanted to do that last year, but same thing - no saw! Good luck with your dinner this weekend! :)

  4. I've always been curious about chiropractors, too--it's awesome that you found such a good deal! My friend's husband has been going for a while, and he "referred" her recently when she needed some physical therapy. Thanks to his referral, they got a gift card for an Italian restaurant, so who knows what could come of this for you and Steven! Happy monthiversary!!

  5. Good luck with the inlaws. As far as the no saw thing goes. . . Go meet your neighbors! Ask around. I bet someone will be willing to help you, especially if you come bearing a plate of yummy goodies as a thank you.

  6. Borrow a saw. Take some goodies to a neighbor who looks like his garage is stocked and ask if he could let you make a quick cut (or do it for you). Pointing to the goodies, laugh, and say "I won't pretend this isn't bribery."


    you can try this with a branch from the tree instead of the trunk...maybe get a saw next year?

  8. That dinner sounds great! I always get nervous cooking for my in-laws too :) I'm a little jealous that your husband was down for purple curtains! Purple is my favorite and my husband hasn't given it a chance yet....

    I wanted to do the ornament last year too, but we don't have a saw either. I like the idea of borrowing one from someone!

    Have a great weekend :)

  9. Stacy, I hear ya on the twitter thing. I think I've forgotten my account and pword. Giving up FB for Advent and I have more time to visit blogs like yours.

  10. An idea for your tree: we mix a teaspoon of sugar into the water before watering our tree, and it seems to help!