Friday, December 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
Did you enter my Jamberry giveaway for charity!? The entries are fairly low so your chances of winning are pretty good! They would make an excellent gift... that is, if you can resist using them yourself (I bet you won't be able to). If you can't wait to find out the winner, you can purchase some using "likejamberry" for 10% off AND buy 3 get 1 free. The best part is that 25% of your purchase will benefit Catholic Relief Services!

These are my Jamberry shields the day after putting them on, but I'll take an updated picture for WIWS to show you the lasting power!

--- 2 ---
So, if you read my post about our Christmas and Advent decorations, you already know that my dad had to anchor our tree to the wall because it started to tip mid-decorating. I'm proud to report that she is stable and sturdy! I have, so far, remembered to water her daily. I kill all green things, so it's only a matter of time.

--- 3 ---
This week has FLOWN by. I haven't had a week go this fast in a while! I've got a friend coming in town tonight and I'm excited for girl time. We are going to go to the local coffee shop tomorrow morning, followed by shopping and lunch, and then The Nutcracker. December is just not right without at least one performance of The Nutcracker! I replaced it with Handel's Messiah ballet one year, and with the Transiberian Orchestra another year, and came to the conclusion that I *need* The Nutcracker yearly!

--- 4 ---
Did you celebrate St. Nicholas' feast day this year? We decided to move stockings to St. Nicholas day, and we had a blast celebrating! We filled and hid each other's stockings the day before, and then played the 'hot/cold' game to find them Thursday morning. Steven totally rocked because, along with an atrocious amount of candy, he put "The Lamb's Supper" in my stocking. I put all candy and secular toys in his. Convert: 1, Cradle Catholic: 0.

Buttercup finding her stocking!

--- 5 ---
Also on St. Nicholas Day, our Advent calendar activity was "watch 30 minutes of a Christmas show", which really should say "Advent show" but, hey, we're still learning. Anyway, I found Veggie Tales Story of St. Nicholas on Netlflix so that's what we watched. Two childless almost 30 year olds watching Veggie Tales? No, nothing abnormal about that.
--- 6 ---
Ready for a daily dose of cuteness? Steven was at his "That Man is You" meeting this week in the church's school, and texted me this picture. CAN'T HANDLE THIS LEVEL OF CUTE!

--- 7 ---
PSA: Tomorrow is a holy day! Get thee to a Mass today or tomorrow!

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  1. I got to see Jim on Wednesday so I gave him his present a little early. But it was to benefit both of us (it was a movie) but he loved it! I can't wait til next year when we can hide and fill each others stockings!

  2. Love that you watched veggie tales! I just bought that for Rebecca, but the truth is, I am excited about watching

    1. Unfortunately we weren't impressed. The details seem to only be partially accurate, though I did like the Catholic feel throughout it.

  3. #$ - I put some candy in our shoes kind of last minute. Next year we're going to have to plan for it.

  4. Have so much fun at The Nutcracker; that's such a great tradition!

    I slacked on St. Nicholas day, thinking that since we don't have any babies yet, there's no need to do the whole shoe thing, but I LOVE your idea of doing your stocking gifts on his feast day; I'll have to steal it for next year, babies or not =)

  5. I love the stocking idea for St. Nick's instead of Christmas - I think I will do that next year. They get candy in their shoes at school and I gave them a book when they got home, but a stocking would be way more fun, and they don't NEED a stocking on Christmas morning with their other presents. It's almost too much!

  6. #5: The abnormal thing is when you have all the songs memorized BEFORE you have kids.

  7. I'M almost 30 - don't rush yourself!!!