Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happiness in 5's

Five Things That Make Me Happy (just because):

  • Time with the hubs. His new job has him working a LOT more than we are used to. That park sucks. But the upside is that I feel like we have more quality time together. Baffled? The time we are spending together, even though there is less of it, includes way more interaction because we miss each other! We are on the computers less, and playing board games more, going for drives more, and just hanging out talking more.
  • The kitty. Seriously. I can be having a bad day, be sad, or just be in a funk, and 2 minutes with her totally turns my mood around. She seems to know when I need a little extra TLC. Her snoring or flying through the house with a toy brings a smile to my face no matter what.
  • Household chores. They don't always make me happy, but for the most part they do. I feel so productive and fulfilled when I take care of things around the house. I especially love cooking and stocking the freezer with deliciousness. 
  • Planting in my garden. I'm pretty sure I royally screwed it up. As in, it rained about 20 minutes after I finished. But I will expand on that in this week's quick takes. Digging in the garden was messy, but felt good!
  • Garland on the mantel. I scored awesome garland at Michael's for 70% off. It is SO pretty. Then I bought command hooks to hang it because I couldn't figure out what else to hang it with. It's my first bit of holiday cheer in the house.

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