Friday, November 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! I detest Black Friday, so I will be curled up reading your quick takes today instead of fighting consumerist madness! Actually, I will be curled up in a perma-snuggle with my husband since he has the day off with me! I feel a movie day coming on...

--- 1 ---
If you saw my post on Monday about dealing with the loss of childhood traditions and making new married traditions, you already know that my family loves to celebrate holiday eves with snacks smorgasbords. I debated not doing it for just Steven and me because we really don't need another day of naughty food. And then I thought that it's our first Thanksgiving together (physically together) and we are going to do it up! So our Thanksgiving Eve menu was: pigs in a blanket (the mini kind), triscuits and GOOD cheddar cheese, carrots and hummus, eggnog, and no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies. It was a wonderful way to usher Thanksgiving in together, and totally worth the angst of tight fitting pants.

--- 2 ---

You know what I did for the first time ever this year? I went to Mass on Thanksgiving. I've never done that! Steven was working and I had a thought about going early in the week. All week, I kept battling the thought. I'd tell myself, "It's not a holy day, so it's ok if I don't go", "I just want to lay around in my pajamas that day", and "Hmm... I could say a rosary instead". And then I realized that if that thought was coming into my head multiple times a day, then the thought was certainly not my own and I ought not ignore it! I don't know that I will do it every year depending on plans, children, etc, but it was a BEAUTIFUL way to begin the day. Literally. I woke up with Steven at 4:45, made us our cinnamon roll breakfast, and then went to mass at 7:30 so I could be back for the parade. AND the Bishop celebrated! It was perfect.

--- 3 ---
So (again referencing my traditions post) I found a way to carry on a family tradition even while away from them. I found this amazing ballot for the dog show. I emailed it to my mom to print, printed my own, and we had a long distance contest! LOVE! We had a 3 way tie out of 4 players. After that, I made a pie (that I just made a few weeks ago and loved) and it was a total flop. I ended up in tears, since I was supposed to take it to my in law's Thanksgiving. My mom and the Cathsorority girls talked me off a ledge, and hubs brought home a store bought pie. Such is life, right? I had a great time eating and spending time with my in laws and husband, and that's what matters.

--- 4 ---
Earlier this week, I guest posted at Karianna's while she babymoons with sweet little Fritz. The post is all about getting your husband on board with real food eating!

--- 5 ---
While we're on the topic of eating, I decided to re-start Weight Watchers. I won't be going to the actual meetings ($), but counting the points on my own since I have all the stuff. Last time, I lost 58 lbs.... annnnnd over the years I've gained 66. After yet another depressing dressing room experience this week, I finally hit that place where I thought, "I can either do this for the rest of my life, or I can change it". I was trying to do it on my own (by just eating better and watching portions) but that's not working because I have nothing to be accountable to. I am horrible with portions and clearly not managing it well on my own. As much as I don't want to, I need to have to write it down. So there it is. I know I will get excited once the pounds start dropping off. 

--- 6 ---
Ladies, has your husband heard of the new Cathmen group on facebook? Like Cathsorority, it first started on Twitter. I got super excited and told Steven about it. He promptly joined which made me super excited for him. Well, apparently LOTS of people are excited because the group got 150 members in ONE WEEK! Cathsorority just turned a year old and we are at 131! Us ladies like it smaller, so I'm not complaining, but just so excited that there are that many men, and that quickly!, excited to live out their faith and wanting a place of support on facebook. Pass along the info to your husband/fiance/friend/whoever if you think he'd be interested!

--- 7 ---
Speaking of Cathsorority celebrating one year on facebook, Kendra made this in honor of the big event:

Isn't it awesome!?
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  1. WW has worked great for me! I did the online for the first 20 lbs and now I'm going to meetings because they're actually helping a lot more. You're going to do great!

  2. Awww twomomwwbffintheraw!!! If you need a ww buddy againto help you stay honest let me know!!!! (I'm at the point where I need to buy new jeans one size up or live in stretchy pants for the remainder of nursing I feel your frustration!!)

  3. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Your Thanksgiving feast sounds delicious! :) Good luck with Weight Watchers!!