Friday, November 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
I have been reading about coconut oil for a while now. I finally bought some this week and can't WAIT to try it. I'm actually overwhelmed at just how many uses there are for it!!! If you use it, what's your favorite use? I think I'm going to separate it into a couple different containers because something about reaching in there for a food purpose, and then reaching in for a non food purpose, freaks me out.

Ok wait. I just found my first use. SO MAKING THESE! Do you dare look!?

--- 2 ---
We had our Women of Grace group two weeks because of Thanksgiving. All I can say is this: How in the world does the morning group meet weekly!? I *barely* got my work done in a week, and might be a WOG drop out if I had to do that every week. Two weeks is totally necessary in order to fit in all the snacking, Netflix watching, and blog stalking that my schedule calls for.

--- 3 ---
So, generally we get our food from Trader Joe's and our produce from the farmer's market. However, when we are in a rush or the weather is really bad, we will just grab enough fruit to get through the week from TJ's. That has happened the last 2 weeks and unfortunately, the fruit has sucked!!!! I usually have nothing bad to say about TJ's but man... it is just flavorless. And I am referring to apples here, not some out of season, shipped from Chile fruit. I will be gone again this weekend but I am just going to find time to stop by on a week day because I can't go through another week of tasteless produce!

--- 4 ---
Our neighborhood was built in 3 phases. We are phase 3, which is the newest section. Phase 1 and 2 don't have a HOA, but phase 3 does. Because of that, we're hated just a tiny bit since we can regulate things that the other phases can't. However, there is a neighborhood co-op where all 3 phases can get together quarterly to talk about the neighborhood, events, crime in the area, etc. You are looking at the representative from phase 3. I couldn't believe no one else came! Phase 1 and 2 had an awesome turn out. Sooo ashamed of my section! Anyway, a guy from the town came to talk about yard ordinances and how the town can make them do stuff that the HOA can't (due to legal fees), which is obviously helpful for phase 1 and 2, as well. They give you so many notices about mowing your lawn, fixing your gutters, etc and then they do it themselves and bill you. They also have a program through the county to help you fix your house if it's in disrepair but you can't afford it. All of that made me sooo happy. I want to live somewhere that is taken care of!

--- 5 ---
Let's go back to dessert for a minute. I made crustless pumpkin pie this week and it was DELISH! I was wanting a dessert that wasn't too naughty, and this fit the bill. Well, minus the condensed milk. (But I love that I didn't waste any carbs eating a crust that I don't really like.) Which, by the way, you only use a 6 oz can of. Ask me how I know. Answer: 12 oz will overflow the pie pan and the texture of the pie will be a bit off. We polished it off and I'm already thinking about making it again.... maybe after Thanksgiving.

--- 6 ---
Talk about what you know, right? So staying on desserts, have you ever eaten sourwood honey? I have only ever had clover (what you mostly get at the grocery store), wildflower, and mesquite. Mesquite was my least favorite for everything but baking... but it was great in baking! Anyway, I bought sourwood when we were in the mountains last month and used it for the first time in the pumpkin pie. OMGEEZERS! Liquid candy, I tell you.
--- 7 ---
I'll leave you with some cuteness to start the weekend! (Stop judging my yellow stamp instruction!)

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  1. Oh buttercup haha! And I think crust-less pie is a great idea because the crust is where like 80 percent of the bad comes from!

  2. That pie looks good, and I need to buy some coconut oil too. Keep me updated on the usage. Also, what kind of cat is that? We are looking to get a kitty for our kids, and I have no clue what kind of cat would be good....

  3. I love, love, love coconut oil for stovetop popcorn, shaving, roasted sweet potatos (you get salty and sweet--so good!), and I sometimes use it as lip balm or body lotion. I just saw a recipe somewhere for dairy free hot cocoa with a spoonful of coconut oil added, and it sounds delish! Apparently, it can be taken as a supplement, so I've been meaning to look into that, and if I can supplement in chocolate form then so much the better!

  4. Have you tried Coconut Manna? It has the consistency of butter and it tastes like heaven! It is pure coconut and made from the meat of the coconut. I put it on toast and use it like I would peanut butter. Yum! Cindy

  5. Um, #1 for Christmas Eve snackage, please.

  6. I use it for some super yummy granola bars; my husband's favorite!

  7. Have you checked out wellness mama ( She has a ton of uses for coconut oil! I also really like your owl cup in the last page. I am on an owl kick lately:) Happy weekend!

  8. I need to look into crustless pie b/c I don't even LIKE the crust. I just eat the filling and usually end up wasting/picking on the crust. We started buying cobblers since it doesn't have a crust.

    If I had to guess I would think that the day group either meets for less time/does less in 1 session or are they meeting for half the time as you guys? OR most of them are stay at home moms/retired people with more free time to work on the lessons? Just a guess I don't know...

  9. #7: Now Edda wants a water goblet!!!

  10. I'm making that coconut oil recipe today! Just thought you should know! I will let my family know they have you to thank!