Friday, November 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes

Before we get started, I have to ask you to look up at the address bar, or click over if you are in the google feed. SQUEE! My husband is awesome. That's all. (Yes, in case you were wondering, I'm totally technologically deficient and wouldn't have figured it out on my own. I did the purchasing- as usual- and he did the work... um, as usual. He set it up in like 4 minutes.)

--- 1 ---
Steven had a great birthday last weekend and I had a blast too, which is always nice. I took him to our local indie movie theater, The Galaxy, to see Sleepwalk With Me. It was really good! We couponed some popcorn- yeeee-ah! (said in Lil John voice) Anyway, then we headed to Red Lobster where we participated in the 7th annual shrimp fest. I ate 60 shrimp! That's nothing though, the guys ranged from 100-165 a piece. Then they accidentally brought us about 140 more (not exaggerating) before they realized we were stuffed, so we had shrimp for lunch the next day, and I had shrimp in a salad one night this week. That's how you rock all you can eat shrimp!

 These are from the weekend before last, when we celebrated his birthday early at my parents' house.Yes, those ARE my crazy cat lady pj pants.

My  mom made his fave... german chocolate cupcakes!

--- 2 ---
Do you do something crunchy, aka earth friendly, aka whatever you define crunchy to be that you get weird looks for? Tell me about it here! The weirder the better :). I want some new ideas and challenges. The best so far is my sister who told me to pee on top of pee to conserve water. Did that make you want to vom? Me too, but she has a good point. TMI? Welcome to my blog! Then my friend Jennifer said you can put a liter bottle on the tank to fake the toilet out, which will also save water. YAY POTTY TALK!

--- 3 ---
How tacky would it be to take two bags of coffee you own into a store and use their grinder, then walk out? My mom says do it, but I'm skurred. I got 5 lbs of coffee a few months ago (good coffee! yay!) but two of them are whole beans. I could buy a grinder, I guess, but that's $20 I don't want to spend. By the way, I'm really glad I googled "grinding coffee beans in a food processor" before I broke out my shiny processor to try it. Apparently it's a big no no.

--- 4 ---
For all of you who follow my ovaries, I thought I'd provide a quick update, since it isn't enough to write a whole post about. My cycles were awesome when I first started NFP. Well, awesome for me anyway. I was having regular 45 day cycles. They have been progressively getting worse though, and are now down the crapper. My doctor is giving me two more months to have a true peak day (two false alarms so far) and then he will put me on Clomid/Femara to make me ovulate so that he can treat me with HCG. If I ovulate on my own first, I'll immediately start HCG. Apparently my recent bloodwork shows that I'm low on estrogen and HCG will regulate both my progesterone AND my estrogen. Pretty fascinating stuff.

--- 5 ---
We voted last night at an early voting station, which conveniently we didn't have to leave the neighborhood for. We originally had plans to walk up there to vote (just because we could), but then decided to go to mass and dinner right after, and it just made sense to take the car. I was sad.

--- 6 ---
This weekend I'm celebrating the impending marriage of a wonderful friend, just outside of DC. She lives in SC (her beau is in Mexico) and they will be moving to Boston for his studies after they get married in December, and she will finish her dissertation while there, until next August when they move to France for his studies. They met in Mexico on Valentine's Day of this year where he lives, and she was studying. Is that not the most romantic international love story ever? I am SO excited for her. Anyway, my little grad school group of girls (currently located in SC, NC, PA, NY, and MD) are all meeting in VA (at one of the girls' dad's house) for a girly weekend. SO STOKED!
--- 7 ---
We've gone from peeing on pee to sneaky bean grinding to talking ovary dysfunction. Do you really want another take? I didn't think so. Have a great weekend!

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  1. That's so awesome that you have your own website now! It sounds like Steven's birthday celebrations were a lot of fun. Have a great time at the wedding this weekend! :)

  2. Yay parties for weddings! And yay for a domain! I can't wait to switch mine over from the wedding website to my actual blog because it bothers me that there's /blog at the end haha. Oh well.
    I love how you can talk about the potty and it's perfectly ok. haha!
    and yay voting! I did an absentee ballot because I really didn't want to navigate my way to a voting center during my 45 minute lunch break. No thanks. I miss the sticker though.

  3. When your friend moves to Boston, you can come visit her and ME!!

  4. We don't get stickers down here anymore. So sad.

  5. I'm laughing so hard right now. I bought a can of Gingerbread coffee, a delectable treat that I await all year, from Trader Joe's last December before Christmas. I forgot to grind the beans before I left, though! I'm too scared to walk back into the store with it, too, not to mention the fact that I am no longer located remotely near a Trader Joe's...

    I'm off to read your crunchy post now. Have a wonderful time at the wedding (and yes, that is a fabulous story)!

  6. We got a secondhand coffee grinder from a friend. Maybe if you post something pathetic about needing coffee ground up on Facebook, someone will offer you one? :)

    Oh and for gross and crunchy, we only flush every third pee. :)

  7. So exciting that you have your own domain! Ha I think I'm ok with pee on top pee as long as its night time. But we do it more for not waking anyone else up, rather than saving water. But I think that counts too! Have a great weekend!

  8. I have kind of the opposite problem with super short cycles/progesterone deficiency because of my endometriosis...isn't it strange and frustrating how it all plays out? I've found an amazing Catholic/Creighton OB/GYN though and I think there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel for me. I will pray a special decade each night this week for good news for you, too!

    The movie sounds fun, will have to check it out! And good on your hubby for helping you, I always have to figure it out the hard way. ;) Happy Friday!

  9. Have you thought about FreeCycle for a coffee grinder? Best wishes on your ovaries!

  10. Way to go on your own domain!! I wish I had a tech guy in my own home! Of course, I can't complain because he's the best handyman around. :) I've had to walk myself through setting up a site by reading the vast amount of "how tos" on the internet!!

    We are most definitely gross in our house! We only flush about every third time. Our lovely, disgusting motto, "If it's yellow, let it mellow!" I know, gross, but you started it!!! :)

  11. I always want five more takes!!!

    so will they start you on Clomid when you want to start trying to get pregnant, or they would start you on it anyway and keep you on it til you want to get pregnant? I've heard it has pretty strong side effects so that's why I'm curious if they would put you on even when you're not trying.

  12. I always want five more takes!!!

    so will they start you on Clomid when you want to start trying to get pregnant, or they would start you on it anyway and keep you on it til you want to get pregnant? I've heard it has pretty strong side effects so that's why I'm curious if they would put you on even when you're not trying.