Friday, November 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes- Gardening (or not) Edition

--- 1 ---
So, I tried my hand at gardening this week. I've been wanting to do something to our yard since we moved in. Grass is out for a while, because the whole aerating/seeding/watering process is quite pricey. So we'll stick with our weedyard. I want new mulch, but we decided to wait for spring for that. I want to grow a container garden but winter probably isn't the best time to start. (Or who knows, maybe it is. Enlighten me.) So when I was at Lowe's Tuesday looking for a tree stand (more on that later), I found clearance bulbs and couldn't pass them up!

--- 2 ---
My only experience with bulbs is when my dad and I planted an entire garden full of daffodils when I was 10 or 12. Not a single one came up that next spring, and we realized we had planted them all upside down. It was a scarring experience. But for half off (originally $3.98), I just couldn't resist trying to grow some hyacinth. I really wanted tulips, my #1 stunner flower, but they were double the price. I know, I'm such a cheapskate. Maybe if these live, I'll spring for the tulips next year. Get it? Spring?! So, pastel, multicolored hyacinth it was.

--- 3 ---
I bought a bulb planter thing, too, which is pretty cool and way easier than using a shovel thingy. So, I got home and was really excited to plant them. They should have been planted a month to two months ago according to the package, but then I wouldn't have gotten them on clearance. I got my foamy-kneel-in-the-garden thing, my bulb planter, bulbs, and gloves, and headed outside. When I cleared away the mulch to make my first hole, I remembered, "Oh yes, there's one of those weed barrier thingies".

--- 4 ---
Yep, I know I have stellar gardening terminology. I refused to return everything I bought, so I just punched holes with the bulb planter right in the weed barrier. However, I'm still not sure the bulbs will survive because it said to plant them 4-6 inches deep. Which I took to mean, get 4-6 inches of dirt out and drop the bulb in. But when I did that, there was only like 1-2 inches of space between the top of the bulb and the top of the hole. But I didn't really realize that until the last one, so I just covered them back with dirt and called it a day.

--- 5 ---
The last step is to water them. So I did that, and one of the bulbs popped right back up out of it's hole, in a muddy clay bath. I dug that one a little deeper and tried again. Then I went inside, and 10 minutes later it began raining. I'm seriously doubting these hyacinths will show their faces next spring. I will definitely know which ones make it (if any) and which don't, because I planted one between every bush.

--- 6 ---
So about the Christmas tree. The youth group at our church is selling live trees this year to fund a mission trip. Neither Steven nor I have ever had a real tree before, but we decided to take the plunge this year. We are super, super excited about it. I think we're going to go for a 5 footer this year. I bought the cheapest tree stand I could find, which means the tree should fall over just as we put our last ornament up. I also bet that, if we can hardly remember to brush the cat, we will never remember to water the tree and it will be brown before St. Nicholas Day.

--- 7 ---
In non-gardening news, I signed up for twitter this week. I'm a tiny bit ashamed since I said I never would, but I was missing out on so much Cathsorority action! My handle is @CatholicCrunchy. I debated on whether to have it associated with my blog or not, because my blog isn't associated with my facebook (for multiple reasons). I ended up deciding I'd rather use it for blog networking, faith sharing/growing purposes so that's why I chose that handle. Follow me so I can follow you! Finding people is exhausting for this noob. Also exhausting is trying to figure out what to do. I mean, I go away for an hour, come back, and there's tons of tweets all down the wall. Do you really sit and read them all? Help. I need your Twitter Tips N Tricks.

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  1. Yayy you're on Twitter! So excited! And I hope your planting goes well! And yaaay Christmas trees! I heard NC is one of the best states that grow them!

  2. Make lists on Twitter. You can do public lists and private lists. Make lists of all the people you most want to follow.

  3. Bulbs are hardier than you might think. We just planted our tulips last weekend. Generally, we add more bulbs every year and at least some of them come up. The issue is, is that some of them you need to take out for winter? We have never done this but, apparently that's something else to consider.

    Go you for the real tree! I <3 them! I'll be interesting to see what your kitty thinks about it!

  4. I refuse to get on Twitter...not because I look down on it, but because I would spend all day reading it. I'm too nosy already!

    Love the image of your tree falling over, I hope it doesn't come true!!

  5. Enjoy your real tree!! :) I never had them before getting married because my sister is allergic, so I am so excited about having real ones now! I hope you have a great weekend!!!

  6. If you want a really, really easy intro into gardening, buy a grow box. Or, ask for one for Christmas. They are amazing! They come with fertilizer, and once you set it up, all you have to do is put water in the bottom of the box. Crazy good results. We grow herbs in ours, but my sis in law does veggies.

  7. I've wanted to try my hand at gardening for so long, but I guess I'll have to wait until Spring. Good luck with yours!!

    A real tree...I've never had one either, but for now, I'm still happily in the fake, pre-strung camp. I am excited, though, to really decorate for the first time this year! Last year, for our first married Christmas, our budget was so tight that we didn't buy any ornaments. My goal is to change that, starting this weekend =) Have a good one, Stacy!

  8. I remember my mom putting our bulbs in the fridge because they generally need a hard freeze to grow -- at least tulips do.

    Call your local county agricultural extension. They should probably have people who can advise you.

  9. I have zero experience with gardening... so I can offer no help there! I will say that we had our first real tree 2 years about and bought the cheapest tree stand we could find- like $10. After messing with the screws in it for a solid hour we got it up and secure. It never fell... just eventually ended up with a beautiful Christmas tree tilt :) Have a great weekend!

  10. A real tree? I'm so jealous! I can't wait until we have our real house and can have two trees! Take big long whiffs of your beautiful douglas fir for me!

    Yay for twitter! :D

  11. When I was little my parents used to fight over real trees vs artificial (mainly b/c of money). The compromise was every other year we switched off real/fake/real/fake/fake/real, etc. I remember the few years we were in college we used to wait FOREVER to get a tree and would get one at kroger on Dec 20th for 50% off. They were pretty dead but lasted enough to get us to at least new years :)

    I like a real tree but I really don't have a preference. We bought a prelit tree a few years ago which is nice b/c those lights are a PITA! They sold real wreaths last year at church which were pretty.

    When we were little we planted bulbs and nothing but weeds grew :( we don't have green thumbs.

  12. Try planting fruit trees in tubs - for example a fig tree. In a tub it is more likely to give fruit.

    God bless.