Friday, October 26, 2012

7 Quick Takes- Last Minute Style!

--- 1 ---
This is the first time I've ever started quick takes on a Thursday night. Yes, I'm a dedicated quick taker! Usually I'm finishing on Wednesday or Thursday. But since we were gone most of the week, and I have been playing catch up (on sitting on the couch, not on housework), I am just now getting around to it! Did you see my post on our romantic mountain getaway? It was SO much fun!!!

--- 2 ---
One thing I love about us is our ability to enjoy silence. I didn't realize it until almost the end, but we didn't have the radio on in the car the ENTIRE time! I'm talking a 4.5 hour drive Friday, a 2 hour drive Sunday, a 5.5 hour drive Tuesday, and a bunch of 30 minute drives in between. We talked a lot, but we also just held hands and enjoyed the drive and sights a lot in silence. I find something very peaceful in that. Though I can tell when one of us is itching for the silence to be broken because we both say the same thing- "Tell me a story."!

--- 3 ---
In super exciting news this week, Steven got a promotion! As of November 5th, he will go from customer service manager to assistant store manager. We are VERY excited about this and have been (somewhat) patiently waiting for it to happen since the wedding. It means good things for our future, and it is helpful in the here and now, too! The downside is that he will be working a lot more hours, but we are glad to get that out of the way before babies come along (meaning that hopefully he will be promoted again by the time we have a baby or soon after). I'll pick up a little more responsibility around the house since he will be working over 40 hours.

--- 4 ---
Steven and I bought a Living Social coupon for a haunted forest. I used to LOVE going to those in high school! I haven't done one in years because I can't see paying the price for 10 minute of horrifying fun. So I couldn't pass up the deal when I saw it! I was surprised Steven agreed, and I'm almost more excited to see him in the haunted forest than I am to actually experience it myself!

--- 5 ---
Does your state do early voting? Apparently NC does (who knew?). It's awesome because you can vote on one of many days before election day, and in our case we don't have to leave our neighborhood to vote! The closest one is held a mile away at the community center. My regular polling place is about 5 miles away at an elementary school, so not bad at all, but it can't beat one mile! We meant to go this week but got too busy, so we are going to pick a day and go next week, after we do our homework on candidates and fill out a fake ballot to take in with us.

--- 6 ---
The above is ALL you will see about the election on my blog! :) I find that most people who don't agree with your political viewpoints want to get ugly about it instead of having a productive, calm conversation, so I have decided to keep it to myself, with the exception of hubs of course.

--- 7 ---
I've got two guest series ideas in my head that I wanted to throw out there for anyone interested. The first is a series of stories of women who have PCOS having a successful pregnancy, because who doesn't like a happy ending? I've gotten one short submission that I would probably pair with another short one, but I will wait to see if I get any more before actually creating a series. The other is about families (preferably with children), their income, and how they make it work. I want to hear from various income levels and various costs of living. I want to know the nitty gritty (what's your income? what have you had to give up? how do you find balance? how creative are you with your money? how do you supplement your income?), so submitting it for an anonymous guest post is perfectly fine. Let me know if you want to participate and email any submissions to! 

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  1. I'm looking forward to that PCOS series. And I did the absentee ballot because I'm lazy and don't feel like going into work late/using my lunch when I can just vote at home. Although I won't get the sticker or get to use the cool touch screen. Oh well!
    I'm glad you had fun on your getaway! And yay for Steven getting a promotion!!

  2. Congrats to your husband! And the accountant in me would love the income series :)

  3. #3 is super exciting. Congrats to Steven, way yo go man!

  4. Stacy, I would be very happy to write a post for your series. Let me know the details via email for F'book. Also, we have early voting in IN but we never do it because hubs always has election day off (one of the perks of working for the gov't).

    Happy weekend!

  5. I used to always play music in the car, but now when I travel with Andrew (we take a lot of road trips visiting out of state family and friends), he likes it quiet, just like you guys. I've come to appreciate the quiet and the added opportunities for conversation so much more.

    Congrats to Steven!!

  6. Your getaway post had me looking up local b&b's! I love the idea for the income post. I would na happy to write one, especially focusing on going from two incomes to one when I started to stay home. And YAY for Steven! That is a huge deal! Maybe you can spend mores time by just going and loitering around the store (I have no idea what kind of store it is . . . Hopefully not tractor supply, or something like that)!

  7. Apparently I am still registered in NC as well as in OH...

  8. Such awesome news about his promotion! A haunted house sounds absolutely terrifying and awesome at the same time! I hope you are having a great weekend! :)