Saturday, September 1, 2012

Well this is awkward.

So I made an announcement in my quick takes about a blog change coming soon. And then I got lots of comments about people excited about the redesign. And then the awesome Cari mentioned me in her quick takes and said how I would be redesigning. And since the entire world reads her blog, and she mentioned me in her quick takes, that probably means that like, a lot of the world read my blog and are now salivating at the thought of a redesign. Because apparently people love redesigns.

This is probably why I should keep my trap shut. As much as I know you are all begging for me to rid my blog of the massive amounts of purple and green wedding colors, it just ain't happenin'. In fact, I just changed my blog theme after the wedding and I change my blog theme like I change my underwear, kitty litter box, mind, wreath on my front door.... every six months to a year. More than that and I start to curl up in the fetal position because it takes me 2 weeks and multiple people to get my header looking halfway normal. I say halfway, because even after some awesome help, you'll notice that my chest is pixelated. Sorry to make you look at my chest. I swear it's not pixelated in real life. Oh, I was making a point, wasn't I?

No, no theme change, my friends. I'm not sure if I should take it as a hint that I need a theme change since you are all so excited about it, but I don't easily get hints, so I'm going to pretend you aren't hinting. Anyway, I'll announce the change, so you don't guess something else that makes me look at my blog and go "huh.... yeah I probably should change that", because the more changes my blog needs, the more chocolate I eat, and the tighter my pants get. Blog changes= tight pants. In case you missed that.

The change? I'm going to be blogging from very soon. I'm super excited about it and have thought about it for MONTHS. I just had no idea how much it cost, no idea how to do it, and apparently no motivation to find out. Well, I finally researched it all recently and realized that it was super cheap and I could probably figure it out my husband could probably figure it out. So hopefully by next week, that pesky little 'blogspot' will be no longer. I'm super excited because I always wanted my very own website (even before I blogged.... like way back in the AOL homepage days). So there you have it. A change you probably wouldn't have noticed if I didn't tell you AND you are stuck with the purple and green!


  1. will it be harder to follow, like it won't be on my dashboard anymore?

  2. Girl, don't buckle to the peer pressure. If you don't want to redesign, DON'T REDESIGN! I think everyone was just excited for you to try something new, not necessarily hinting that your blog NEEDS a facelift. So there. Good luck with launching your own domain!

  3. That's awesome that you're going to your own website though!