Friday, September 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes

In honor of my first draggy week in forever, HAPPY FRIDAY!

--- 1 ---
You ladies are seriously the best. The best! Know why? Because you all commented in droves about what a slacker you were with your wedding photos, and it made me feel so much better about my own slacker tendencies. This way, if my photos sit in a box until I'm 60, I can always tell myself it's ok because everyone else apparently sucks at making wedding albums, too! I actually really do enjoy scrapbooking and want to get it done... but life is going by so quickly! Instead of getting an album from our photographer, we opted to have the rights to all of our photos. The fact that I have 1000+ photos sitting waiting on me is probably not helping. If I had like 60 photos to scrapbook, it would probably be done right now. But it doesn't matter because post wedding slackerdom is totally accepted by my fabulous readers!!!

--- 2 ---
I've been having some wicked heartburn lately, and not because I'm eating naughty (that's usually the culprit and it stops as soon I as resume normal eating). No matter what I eat, I'm getting heartburn daily or multiple times daily. I've had issues with it off and on, but never like this. I really don't like the idea of being on a heartburn medication daily, but also don't think a life time of popping Tums is the best option either. But I had to do something, because I know long term heartburn can cause esophageal cancer. If I was going to go on medicine, I wanted to know I tried some other things first. So I did a little research on natural heartburn cures and the first one I'm trying is coconut water. Hubs went off to Trader Joe's and picked me up some, and so far so good. You are supposed to drink it a few times a day, but I've just been taking a few sips any time I get heartburn. It does go away very quickly. I'll use it until it's gone and then re-evaluate if I want to try something else or continue with the coconut water.

--- 3 ---
I started a PCOS facebook group for Catholic women this week! I had sort of been debating it, but I chickened out because you have to friend anyone who wants to join, then add them, then unfriend them (unless you want a wildly large friend list). It sounded like a lot of work. But after looking at existing PCOS groups and seeing that they were open and anyone on facebook could see your posts, and/or were rampant with things against Catholic teaching (IUI, IVF, etc) I felt like there really needed to be a place where Catholic women could talk about PCOS and treatments, all within the teaching of the church. We are small right now, but I like it that way. Of course, we will welcome new members with open arms!

--- 4 ---
This week I made my best batch of granola bars yet. I had been leaving out a very important ingredient. Before, I was putting the honey on the stove, dumping in my mix of nuts/ingredients, spreading it on wax paper on a pan, and then letting it cool in the fridge. This time I still did all of that, but between the spreading and the fridge, I put it in the oven on 350 for 10-15 minutes. They are still way stickier than the store version (which is only bad because they are messy to eat at work!), but hold up better in the bar shape and are just all around more delicious, in my opinion! This week I used almond slivers, peanuts, and sunflower seeds.

--- 5 ---
I mentioned before how I'm in the Women of Grace group. We had our second meeting this Wednesday and I am really enjoying it! There are all ages there which I love; I think I am the youngest and the oldest is probably in her 70's. There are about 12 of us which makes for nice, intimate conversation. We got into a discussion about new femininity (or rather, authentic femininity) and I loooved it! It's nice to talk about stuff in real life with like minded people instead of just online ;). My favorite thing about the study is that it is a study in SO many things... encyclicals, Vatican II documents, the Bible, Catechism, etc. It's pulled together to be really interesting without being too overwhelming.

--- 6 ---
Did I ever post about the week of vacation at Christmas that the board of directors decided to take away from us? I know quite a few people know about it, but I'm not sure if I posted it here. Anyway, the squeaky wheel ( gets the grease because we have it back, at least for this year! That's a step!

--- 7 ---
This weekend, we are headed to the wedding of Steven's best friend (also his best man). I'm really excited for them, and in a world where all of Steven's friends are single, it's nice to have a couple in the same phase of life as us! Please say a few prayers for the wedding and marriage! 

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  1. I hope your heartburn resides soon! Those granola bars sound amazing! Have fun at the wedding this weekend!! :)

  2. I also had really bad heartburn and got some tests for it, although they didn't find anything I've just been avoiding foods that seem to trigger it.
    My job only gives us Christmas off. That's it. No Christmas Eve, no day after. How awful is that. I don't even get to go to church with my family because I won't get back home until after the service is over!

  3. I'm telling you - it's having to physically deal with it all. Virtual bookmaking rocks! lol

  4. I never really had heartburn until I was pregnant. Now I get it all the time! It came and never left; lame.

    I need to start making granola bars at home. The ones I get from WW I love because they have a lot of protein, do you know how to make them at home so they have a lot of protein?

    Happy weekend!

  5. Your granola bars sound delish! I've always been an oven-baker of granola, not a stovetop-stirrer, but maybe I'll have to try it!

    Also, it's not as tasty as coconut water, but a splash of apple cider vinegar (the unfiltered kind--heads up, there are little strings of apple floating in there!) in hot water, with a little honey, is really good for settling any kind of heartburn or tummy complaints. Have a fantastic weekend, Stacy!!

  6. I found you from quick takes! And I hear you on no. 1. we opted for the rights of our photos, too. It took me a year to do something and even then I was lame and did a photobook through walgreens. Good luck and enjoy your weekend!

  7. umm...we never actually got around to ordering our wedding photos. Yep, didn't order a single one and gave the "preview' albums to our mothers. Not a single wedding picture of us anywhere in the house.

  8. Your granola sounds yummy! I tried to make some once and failed miserably. I'm glad some people ( me) could inspire you not to feel bad about not getting your wedding photos into an album. We got the rights to ours too!

  9. This may sound weird, but have you ever tried the crushed egg shell route for heartburn? I am considering it if I get heartburn as bad as I did with my last pregnancy. My husband had the WORST heartburn due to stress back in April and it corrected itself after a month, but I was seriously considering the eggshell thing - but I would recommend only using fresh pastured eggshells.

  10. I'm glad you got your week back! I work my Diocese and we only get Christmas Eve & Day off :D

  11. Heartburn = ugh. Glad you are enjoying WOG. I hear it is amazing!