Friday, September 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
Last weekend was fantastic! We kicked off the weekend seeing The Amazing Spiderman at the cheapie theater, which actually was a really good movie. We did some grocery shopping, bought paint for the porch, and went to Mass. Afteward, we had our Cathsorority meetup, which was a blast. I was a bit nervous because I've never hosted that many people before! There were 10 of us and I think 6 was my previous record. Luckily it was potluck so I was off the hook trying to figure out how to cook a full meal for that many people! They all brought good food, but Caitlin's chocolate turtle cheesecake was TO DIE FOR. Yes, I'm still thinking about it. It was SO much fun to all hang out together, and those of us who hadn't met felt like we already knew each other since we all read each other's blogs. We'll definitely have to do it again!

The ladies

The guys- none of whom protested this photo! 

--- 2 ---
Sunday, Steven and I headed to South Carolina to spend the day with my parents and a family friend, Jay. He is my dad's friend from work and they've known each other for a LONG time. He came to our wedding, which was really sweet because he has only met me a very few times and it was a 4 hour drive + overnight stay by himself! He has a breathtaking house on a lake with mountains as the backdrop, and invites my parents over each year for Labor Day. We spent time on his pontoon, sat out by the water talking, grilled out, and even made friends with a dog who swam across the lake and tried to adopt Jay. Hopefully she got home ok! It was a lot of driving (9 hours) for a relatively short visit (5 hours) but so worth it because we had a really amazing day, and actually had quite a bit of fun in the car ride, too!

I told my mom that in 20 years I will look at this photo and say "hmm.... wonder where mom was that year?".
--- 3 ---
So I got some ideas for homemade detergents (thanks!), but what I ran out of this week was not detergent but all purpose cleaning spray. When I say run out, I mean I ran out of the green cleaner that I like, and couldn't bring myself to use the Target green cleaner that smells like death. So I googled around for different cleaner recipes with the ingredients I had (borax and vinegar) and found this super simple recipe. Well, after using it here's my review. It works WONDERFULLY and smells SO BAD. Steven has pretty much forbid me to use it again until I get some essential oil to put in it. I think it will be a winner once I do that!

--- 4 ---
Guess who we're voting for in this year's election? And yes, my husband has  turned me into a total nerd. For those not in the nerdy know, Rogers is Captain America and Stark is Iron Man. While I do have a few concerns about Iron Man as VP, I am totally in support of Captain America as president.

--- 5 ---
Running update: We're done with week 4 (as of this morning) but have decided to re-do it next week. Want to know what's totally frustrating? We have been running for 5 weeks now (because we repeated week 2) and I haven't lost ANY weight yet. When I've done weight watchers, I've lost weight steadily throughout, almost weekly for over a year. I'm not counting points now, but we eat generally healthy, save for maybe one naughty meal and/or one naughty dessert a week. We eat whole grains, fruits and veggies, watch portions etc. So for me to ADD this work out program to that and not lose anything is really frustrating! It almost makes me want to quit, but I won't. I see my doctor on the 13th so I will mention it then.

--- 6 ---
If you read last week's quick takes and then my awkward announcement, you're probably wondering why I'm not blogging from my new domain. Well friends, that's because this week has FLOWN by and we decided we would rather spend the week doing fun things together than working on the site, especially since we're spending a long weekend apart. That included seeing two cheapie movies, going out for pizza, watching some B movies at home, going for a walk at the arboretum, and sharing some local NC ice cream. Note to self: never announce anything because then it won't happen for forever. Lesson learned!

--- 7 ---
In a few short hours, I'm headed off to Vegas for my brother's wedding. He and his fiance have had a whirlwind romance (6 months from meeting til I do!) and I'm asking for prayers for them as they begin married life together! We are just finishing a novena for marriage, which we were so excited to be doing leading up to their nuptials! Sadly, Steven has to stay behind because we couldn't afford two last minute plane tickets, but he has been given the green light to eat all the fast food he wants this weekend, so I think he's ok with staying home. I fly back on the red eye Monday night/Tuesday morning and I'm SO excited for 3 days with family! 

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  1. Oh- Have fun in Vegas! I am just finishing up the Marriage and Family Novena too and will pray for your brother and his marriage today. Have a great weekend!

  2. Well, you were a wonderful hostess! :) Sorry about #5, I know that has to be frustrating, but good for you for not quitting! Many prayers for you, your brother, and his bride this weekend.

  3. I had so much fun at your house! And I'm so glad we were finally able to meet! Have a safe flight this weekend! I will be praying for them!

  4. My 4yo daughter is looking over my shoulder and saw your header and said, "Oh! That is the prettiest princess getting married!"

  5. At the risk of being demotivating which is -totally not my goal- I'm going to let you in on a secret (it's not really a secret).

    Re: #5. I ran a marathon in March. Yeah. It took more than 5 hours (so slow) but I did it. I trained for it for months on end, which usually meant running 3 times a week...averaging 15-30 miles a week, depending. I only lost about 5 pounds, the whoooole time. Why? Because I didn't bother to try to eat right or even eat less, I just...ate. In my head, "running = eat way more" so I did. I imagine if I had tried to cut back a bit I could've lost weight, but that wasn't really my goal (after all, running a marathon takes strength so eating very little would be detrimental.) But it CAN be tough. I started with C25k, so I've been there, and I hear you. I think talking to your doctor is a great decision, especially since you already eat pretty healthy. :)

    The mental boost that running/exercise gives me trumps any 'I might lose a pound' boost, at this point. I've actually grown to LIKE it because of the mental energy.

    But most importantly -- Good for you for sticking with it!!!
    (random sidenote: have you tried for tracking exercise? It helps boost my motivation, because I can look back at the week and say "look what I did this week, just because I wanted to". I know Emily G is also on there.)

  6. #1- Awesome that you hosted a big #cathsorority meetup!
    #7- Have fun in Vegas, I love weddings. And it must be more exciting that it's your brother! My sister is very anti-marriage so I won't have family weddings in my future... I just need to bug our friends to get married! ;-)

  7. C25k can be tough. I am glad that you and your hubby are doing to together. Have fun in Vegas and enjoy seeing your family.

  8. #3: Go look through the "Simon Says" tag on Camp Patton. Simon actually wrote something like "foul vinegar mix :(" on one of Grace's Pinterest cleaning solutions.

    #5: Your body might be converting fat to muscle. Muscle generally weighs more. It's why my BMI is so weird -- I have a lot of muscle in my legs and my arms which throws it off.

    #6: If you need help setting up your domain and hosting, email me. I've got two of them and I might be able to help.

  9. Have fun in Vegas! I love the shirts. I'm voting for the Summers/Rosenberg ticket myself (completely different nerd reference there).