Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Random Wedding Memories

Since the wedding, and since writing multiple wedding blog posts, I've thought of a few random wedding memories that I missed, and don't want to forget. These might not make sense or mean much to you, but I'm really documenting it for myself :). I was going to post this after alllll my wedding posts were done, but I haven't even started the honeymoon posts yet, and wanted to post this since it's finished. I'm sure I'll get to the rest before our annivesary :P.

Steven and I have always had this ridiculous inside joke about a man named Bill. I can't remember exactly how it started, but it was some joke about me running off with Bill, because he could pay my bills. Since then it's been an on going joke. So who was the deacon's helper guy/overgrown altar server at the wedding? A man named, you guessed it, Bill. And in EVERY. SINGLE. kiss the bride picture, Bill has his arm up in the way. He was trying to get something from the deacon, who was watching us and not noticing, so his arm is extended in alllll our first kiss pictures lol. So now on ongoing joke includes the fact that Bill ruined our kiss picture because he was angry that I was marrying Steven :P.

Luckily there is one where his arm is almost down, so not really noticable to someone who isn't in on the Bill joke.

Apparently when the guys were getting their pictures taken at the beginning, some had their jackets unbuttoned and some buttoned. The photographer told them he didn't care which way they did it, but they all should be the same. Somehow the guys came to the consensus that they should button the top button and not the bottom. And this is why husbands needs wives lol! So fiancees, go ahead and let your betrothed know that they should button both buttons or none... but not just ONE, lest your pictures look a tiny bit silly. Luckily you can't tell in most of them!

The groom? Handsome. The one button thing? Not so much.

I'm not sure if I ever wrote about how Steven went to pick up his tux the day before the wedding and they had a shiny blue vest all ready for him. Yes... BLUE. And many sizes too large. Now, they should be careful with ALL tux orders, but a groom's especially! In one of the few instances where lying is ok, he lied to me about it to keep me calm and fabricated an intricate story so that I wouldn't worry. I later thanked him! He gave them an earful and they had his tux ready the morning of the wedding. I was so glad I didn't know anything about it until the situation was fixed, because now I can laugh about it.

The majority of Steven's family were turquoise/shades of bright blue and no, it wasn't planned. It was the funniest thing ever! We didn't notice until the reception and then we looked at each other and were trying to figure it out... did they think it was our wedding color? Did they all plan to coordinate? Nope, apparently they just all happened to choose turquoise!

Not pictured is his grandmother, who was also in turquoise!

You know what's ironic? I'm pretty sure I had a way harder time choosing the men's outfits than picking out my bridesmaid's dresses and even MY dress! We settled on the tux/shirt/vest combination and I'm pretty sure I changed it 3 times before I finalized it! First, we thought the matching clover green vest print was really silly looking. So we went with silver. Then we realized that wasn't going to look good, so we went back to clover green but with ivory shirts since my dress was ivory. Then we read about how ivory shirts look dingy in pictures, so we switched them back to white shirts, and made Steven's vest ivory. I'm pretty sure Men's Wearhouse hated us! It was a tougher decision than I thought it would be, but I ended up being very pleased with the final choice!

Steven and his best man, Rob (who is getting married next month!)

I thought it was bizarre that we didn't have to sign anything on our wedding day. At every wedding I've ever been in, I've seen the bride and groom sign the marriage license right after the ceremony. Usually there's some cute photo made out of it, like with the woman doing a thumbs up over the man's shoulder. So at the very end of Steven and I taking photos in the church, when most everyone else was gone to the reception or outside for a few last pictures, it hit me that we hadn't signed it. I freaked out momentarily because the deacon was gone by then. I said something to one of  the wedding coordinators and she said it had already been signed, sealed, and was ready to mail off on Monday. I was a bit confused until I got our copies in the mail when we got back from the honeymoon. We had signed it the day we got it, but that was the only time, in our state, that we sign it. The only people who sign it on the wedding day is the officiant and two witnesses. Who knew!?


  1. Haha that Bill thing is hilarious!! That's so crazy that so many people wore bright blue! My mom and my grandma unintentionally matched as well.

  2. I remember thinking the same thing about the marriage license and was so confused, but it's the same way here in MD. Love the photos!

  3. Love those cute little memories! You are so smart to write them so you don't forget. That solo picture of you is so gorgeous, Stacy!

  4. Gotta love those husband/wife inside jokes! LOL @ Bill.

    Also, just so you don't cringe every time you see a picture of the men's jackets, they followed the proper protocol:

    "Two button suits are also simple. The top button should remain buttoned, while the bottom button is left undone. If you button both and look in a mirror, you’ll immediately notice that something looks strange. The bottom button also significantly restricts your movement."

    My husband is quite the connoisseur of all things genteel, so I know far too much about men's fashion.

    1. Lol I stand corrected! I still think it looks a bit funny, but I'm glad to know that others probably don't, and that they were technically correct in their choice. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Ok... the turquoise photo had me laughing out loud! Hilarious!
    I love, love, love the black and white photo of you on the stairs. Beautiful!
    We got married in Ohio and did have to sign something right after the ceremony. Weird how states are different.

    I've scrolled back up to see the b&w photo of you on the stairs twice. You should really frame a 5x7 of it for hubby's office of something. It's stunning!