Monday, July 16, 2012

Vitamin Regimen

I can't promise this post will be exciting, but hopefully it will be informative for both of us!

I've thought for a long time that I should be on vitamins/minerals, probably since 11th grade when I had an eccentric teacher who semi-indoctrinated us with his love of herbs (bet that wasn't part of the curriculum). Though the idea of him doing that still makes me squirm a bit, it wasn't all bad because it has certainly had me thinking about natural ways to stay healthy over the years. I've been taking a multi-vitamin for a while. It's sort of the lazy person's way of taking a supplement without having to do much research. But as I've researched fertility and PCOS more, I've added a few things here or there until I arrived at my current cocktail.

I think taking supplements can be very confusing, and I've only reached the tip of the iceberg. For example, vitamins aren't regulated as much as drugs. Which at first scared me... and then I realized how much Big Pharma sometimes scares me, and now it sort of comforts me that they are less regulated. But you still have to be a bit careful where you get your vitamins from. Having said that, I'm still using my stock of drugstore vitamins and haven't yet really put the time in to research the brands and see if I should be using some other brand. Then there are expensive brands that have all natural and/or organic ingredients. To me, that makes sense to use because it bothers me a bit to take vitamins that have animal derived things in them for no health benefit (like gelatin... it's why I can't eat Jello anymore). No, I'm not a vegetarian, but I do prefer that vitamin ingredients come from plant sources rather than animal sources. I will be honest in saying that I can't make a pricey line item in our budget for vitamins that meet all my preferred criteria, so I am trying to go with what is probably the better route anyway. It just took me a bit of a detour to decide on. Instead of taking high doses of the vitamins that meet my picky criteria, I'm taking lower doses of vitamins that only sort of meet it, and making sure I increase the things in my diet that provide me vitamins and minerals naturally. Ideally, I would get them all from my diet, but that isn't going to happen. But at least that way I still put a focus on my food intake, while also supplementing a bit. I still have more research I want to do in this area. Like I said, especially as my drugstore stock of vitamins dwindle, I want to research better sources for purchasing vitamins. I got a little frugal happy the last time they had a sale....

So my current regimen:
1 flax oil
1 fish oil (sometimes I take 2 flax instead of the fish)
1 magnesium (calcium is sorta worthless without it)
1 calcium + D
1 vitamin D
1 multivitamin

I know that it's possible to overdose on vitamins, but I also know that it's REALLY hard. We watched a documentary (I think it might have been Fed Up!, but I get all the food documentaries confused) that was REALLY informative about recommended daily values of vitamins. On a side note, it talked about how cancer has been cured by crazy high doses of vitamin C... fascinating stuff!

What's your daily regimen and how did you come to that? Do you use a brand you would recommend?


  1. This is my routine which is slightly geared to my gastric needs: special gastric daily chewable vitamin at breakfast and after dinner; 500 mg Vit. C w/rosehips (morning and night in the winter; just night in the summer); triple strength fish oil in the morning; 1000 mg Vit. D morning and night; 2000 mg chocolate chewable calcium (broken up into morning, noon, dinner and bedtime). Also, I was told that flax pills are pretty much worthless and that it's better to get fresh flaxseeds and grind them up daily

  2. I just put it on my cereal. You can buy a coffee grinder for like $5 to grind the seeds in and I order mine on-line but you can buy them at Whole Foods or probably Trader Joe's.

  3. thanks for the prayers! Hoping for a miracle!

  4. I need to find out more about vitamins but there is a blog I would recommend