Friday, July 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
I am so ready to get back to more regular blogging. I've had  bit of a dry spell along with being super busy, but I'm working on  few topics that I hope to get up in the next few weeks. I still haven't finished writing about the wedding and honeymoon, so I need to work on that, too!

--- 2 ---
Speaking of (the wedding), Saturday will be 3 months since we were married. I'm excited to look at more wedding pictures together (we are looking at 75-100 every month-aversary) and we are celebrating by going to the $2 theater. We used to go every single week and now haven't been in probably 2 months! We are SO excited!
--- 3 ---
Last week, my boss was introducing me to some people and mentioned that I was a newlywed. Then he asked how many weeks it had been. I sort of looked at him funny and said "3 months". He about fell over and said he couldn't believe it had been 3 months, and that it felt like the wedding had just happened. Yes, Mr. Boss Man, imagine how I feel! Time is flying!

--- 4 ---
Speaking of Mr. Boss Man, he is no longer. He accepted a job with a different non-profit, and apparently it will take months to fill his position as executive director. A lady from the board is stepping in for the interim on a sort of part time basis, but it's really weird not having someone in that role. Especially because he was amazing at technology stuff and routinely fixed things we all screwed up. I'm just waiting for the first excel spreadsheet to go wonky or the copy machine to freeze. I put $5 on office pandemonium.

--- 5 ---
Blogger problems.... If I go to Blogger on my phone browser, it will only scroll halfway through any screen and stop. But if I use the Blogger app, I can only see html. Suggestions? I didn't even know there WAS a Blogger app until my husband told me, and then I got super excited only to get let down when it wasn't very easy to use.
--- 6 ---
Why do I ask? We turned our internet off Tuesday morning but didn't move until Thursday. I got the shakes a bit when I realized I couldn't blog or blog stalk very well.

--- 7 ---
And since I'm SURE you're dying to know.... yes, we are moved in! I came home Thursday to a moved in house! Gotta love my hubby and his friends for doing the grunt work while I was at the office. We have a lot of unpacking to do, but it's way more fun than packing! We're celebrating our first 24 hours in the new house by going out to a local restaurant tonight, Characters. If it's anything like the "Toot N Tell", which is about a mile away and was quite interesting to dine at, we should have a story to tell afterward! 

Any exciting weekend plans for you?

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  1. So, so, so exciting that you are all moved in!!! I really can't believe you have been married for 3 months already. I feel like it was not long ago at all that I was waiting to read the wedding recaps!

  2. I'm so happy that you're all moved in! I'm excited to be starting to look at houses this weekend :) I can't believe it's been 3 months either, it seems like just yesterday you were writing your last blog before your wedding!
    Jim and I are going to a "dive in movie" which means you watch the movie from the big screen while sitting in a wave pool :) I'm pretty excited!

    1. I'm pretty sure that's the best idea ever!

    2. so jealous of the "dive in movie"

  3. So happy that you guys are all moved in!

  4. Yay for new houses! It is so exciting. Some good advise we got . . . Don't be in a rush to hang stuff up. Just take the picture, decor, whatever, and lean it against the wall under where you want to hang it to see if you like it there. That way you don't put it up, and then move it and pound a million holes in that new wall of yours.

  5. Today I've been married 11 months. Time really flies by!

  6. Did I read on another blog in the comments that you aren't on pinterest? You have to get one there. It is soooo much fun.

    I always have dry blogging spells in the summer.

  7. #4: My former boss had a reputation for completely fouling up any copier she touched so people would run to do whatever it was for her when she started walking toward a copier.

    #5: Do I need to send you some basic HTML stuff? :)

    #6: So I'm not the only one that blog-stalks? Whew!

  8. #4: This morning when we got to the office the internet and server were out and the lady in charge of the computer stuff was out sick today so it made an interesting start to the day.

    #5: Everyone complains about the crappy blogging apps :( if you are looking to read blogs there are some pretty good google reader apps...

    Yay for being moved in!