Friday, July 6, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
I'm not sure if I wrote about how, two weeks ago, my car broke down with a client in it. Please keep in mind that the majority of my clients have severe and persistent mental illness... this particular man has schizophrenia. Anyway, it was a rough hour on the side of the road in 93 degree heat waiting for my coworker to rescue us. I could have called a friend or my husband, but I didn't feel it was appropriate to put my client in a non employee's car. So we just had to wait. Delusions abounded while we waited, and the fact that the car broke down played right into one of them, which made it doubly interesting. Anyway, on Tuesday, I had the same client in my car (this is the only client that I routinely have to take places because he lives independently AND doesn't have Medicaid transportation). And what do you know? Car broke down again, exactly one week after I had it fixed and it was a different issue this time. Luckily my coworker who rescued us both times is super handy with cars, so he fixes it for wayyyy less than a mechanic would but it still sucks. I wouldn't enjoy breaking down alone, but I would much prefer that to breaking down with the client in my car. Oh, Tuesday it was 98 degrees. And the only way to resuscitate the car was to drive with the AC completely off. For the whole two hours we were in it.

--- 2 ---
We are finally beginning to move into the house. Next Thursday is moving day! My parents help last weekend was AMAZING. We had a good time and got SO much done! Ready for picture reveals? I had the hardest time getting the colors to show true to life in pictures but this will at least give you an idea.

 This is the 'baby room' color. Gender neutral for the win! It's actually not this color at all... this was the hardest room to try and capture the color! It's a bit of a brighter green. 

 Future baby room again. Love that big window and the view out to the porch!

 Guest room! I really should have taken more pictures after we took off the tape and put the faceplates up, but oh well. There will be more when we actually get furniture in. 

 The first (and only) room that's been put together... I looooove unpacking kitchens, so it's all downhill from here! :P The kitchen is actually a really light green with the slightest hint of blue, but it doesn't come out much in pictures. Yes, I like green.

The living room walls are beige with this green accent wall. I was dead set against an accent wall for a while (they remind me of doctor's offices) but now that we have it, I love it! Yes, we will take the paper towel off the mantle before using it. 

--- 3 ---
Lately, the hubby and I have been feeling like we don't have much time to enjoy being newlyweds. We are SO incredibly busy with the new house, and it consumes all our time. We get home from work, go to the house, work until about 11, come back to the apartment, and crash. Rinse and repeat. Well, Tuesday night we stayed up late because we could sleep in on the 4th. We got back from the house around 11 and got in bed, but we were both sort of ramped up, I guess because we knew we had the sleeping in option. So, we got up and made sugar cookies with sprinkles at almost midnight! It was so much fun, and we were needing the simple spontaneity that doing that brought us. 

--- 4 ---
Speaking of which, the 4th was a breath of fresh air, too. Besides saying a prayer of thanksgiving and wearing a bit of red, white, and blue, we didn't actually do anything Independence Day related. But we did sleep in (well, til 8:30), I made scrambled cheese eggs, fruit, and muffins for breakfast, and then we packed up the majority of the kitchen. We took it over to the new house, then went to lunch at Which Wich (bogo! and with free cookies!), ran some errands, and then went to Coldstone ($3 off!). It was so much fun, felt like our old lives, and I could feel the stress and tension of the past few weeks melt away. I went and unpacked the kitchen while Steven worked, which was fun I missed having him there. T minus 6 days til we move!

--- 5 ---
And back to newlywed memory making. Last night, we were at the house and neither of us were in the mood to make dinner. Usually, that's not a luxury we give ourselves, but moving week is expensive any way you look at it, so we decided to find something cheap for dinner. Since the Durham Bulls won their game the night before, we used the code bullswin to order a Papa John's pizza online for $7. Steven had the best idea ever of eating it on the front porch.... oh my goodness, I was in heaven! There was a breeze, and we just watched the neighborhood, cars, and trees. It felt unreal and all ours all at the same time!
Handsome hubby putting up with my incessant need for pictures!

--- 6 ---
Sad and happy news this week. Sad news is that Cathsorority sister Mandi, her husband David, and her precious baby Lucia are moving away next week. We've enjoyed getting to know them and will really miss having them here! But I'm excited for them to be near family again. Happy news is that Cathsorority sister Kayla and her husband are moving to town in August! And of course Cathsorority sister Kendra, her husband Stephen, and their cute little guy Henry are here, too. I never in a million years would have imagined that I would have found such an amazing online group of women throughout our country and even a few others, AND that I would get to live near and meet 3 of them! 

--- 7 ---
I finally got back on the ball with posting about something other than quick takes or wedding stuff this week! Though don't get too excited since we are moving next week, but check out my post this week about making time for God ! Have a great weekend! 

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  1. Your home looks like it is coming together nicely! (Btw- I used to totally be obsessed w/ green too. Lol.)

    Yay for $7 pizza!

    I am so sad that Mandi is moving away before I got to meet her. Do you "know" Angela @ She is also a local and a friend of mine. We go to the same parish. We should all get together some time.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. I've read her blog before and totally agree that we should all get together!

  2. When David and I first got married, I was sad that we weren't able to buy a house, but looking back, I'm glad that we lived in apartments because we didn't have to spending these last few years on house maintenance, and were able to spend more time together. It is so special that you two are able to build your home now instead of waiting though! I am still anxious for the day we settle somewhere long enough to buy a home!

    1. Yep, there are definitely pros and cons to both sides. We were SO done with apartment living, plus we wanted to buy while interest rates are low. I've had fun making it our home, but will be very glad to be moved and settled so we can just relax together! It's been a whirlwind since the wedding for sure!

  3. Your house looks awesome! We're looking for one right now because we both know how long it takes to do work and get everything in place before we move.
    And we can meet in a few months when Jim and I visit Raleigh!

  4. my fav part of your whole week in review....baking cookies at midnight...soo ya'll! love it!

  5. Your house is looking fabulous!

    So jealous of all your Raleigh girls!

  6. My brother in law works with mental health clients. The stories he tells, yikes. Yay for more house pictures!

  7. I do miss certain aspects of apartment living, but it felt great to buy a house. I'm also so happy I've met you here. Did I see that there are more Raleigh women to meet? That would be awesome!

  8. I love the colors you picked out! It's coming along so well! That's so cute that you baked late night cookies and ate pizza out on the porch! :)