Thursday, June 7, 2012

Guest post alert!

I've been blogging a little less lately because I've been working hard on guest posts for some awesome bloggers! There are SO many good series going on right now in the Catholic blogger world. Today I'm featured over at Catholic Cookie Jar (is that the best name ever, or what?!) talking about keeping God at the center of marriage. Or I should really say, PUTTING Him there since we haven't been married long enough for me to say we are KEEPING him there. Hopefully in a few years I can guest post again on that ;). So anyway, go check it out!

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  1. Hi Stacy! Stopping in from Catholic Cookie Jar to tell you 1. Congratulations on your marriage. What a true joy. May God bless you both with love, respect, faith and wisdom! 2. You wrote a beautiful post and it was a pleasure to hear your experience this far. God bless you both!