Monday, June 25, 2012

Book Review: Bible Top Tens

My husband and I really enjoy ending our day with some type of devotional, prayer, and/or Bible reading. However, we felt like we were in a bit of a dry patch as far as materials go, and had been keeping our eye out on something to put in the nightly mix. So when I saw Bible Top Tens, I got pretty excited! We started reading it the first night it came in the mail, and it has really exceeded our expectations. The book is in "Top Ten" format with lists such as "Top Ten Villains" or "Top Ten Women With Attitude". We like it for several reasons. First, it's so easy to read as a devotional type material because we can do one or two lists and then put it down until the next time. Second, it has really encouraged us to dig more deeply in the Bible. Several times, we've found ourselves wanting to know more after reading something from a list, so we go to the book that the person or story came from. Last, I love that it applies to both my husband and I. Some books we read are more geared towards the male or the female. This one has lists that appeal to both, so we have both had a lot of fun learning more by reading it together!

I think my very favorite thing about this book is that it's not the type of book that will get read once and shelved for years and years. I would definitely use this book with children and teens as part of a Bible study or homeschool, and as a way to get them more excited about the Bible. I would recommend that parents read the lists first before sharing them with children, because there are some that aren't appropriate for young kids. I love a book that can be used in so many ways.... just as entertainment, as a way to learn more about the people and events in the Bible, or for personal reflection. For a book that can be used in your family for years to come, it is priced extremely well!

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