Friday, June 15, 2012

7 Quick Takes

These are the takes in which I continue to ramble about the house (takes 3 & 4 for those of you dropping by or catching up!). Again.

--- 1 ---
We closed on Monday! Honestly, that whole process was very anti-climactic. We were excited going in, but the realtor, mortgage guy, and lawyer, though friendly, were just sort of blase about it. I guess because they do this everyday! We did get a congratulations at the end, but the whole thing didn't take very long and we didn't get the keys because the mortgage papers didn't arrive there until Friday, closing was on Monday, so there was no time to record it at the courthouse. So we walked out to the car and were excited that we were homeowners, but had to cancel plans for a picnic lunch in our living room floor. We ended up going to our (current) neighborhood pizza place to celebrate over lunch, since we'll miss it dearly when we move.

Right before closing! It's a horribly unflattering picture, but the only one I took so we will forever have to look at it and say "awww!" and not "ewww".

--- 2 ---
Tuesday Steven went and got the keys and rented a rug doctor. We went to the house and I scrubbed out the fridge, dusted the woodwork in the kitchen, and took down all the curtains while he went to work on the carpets. If we had lots of money, we would definitely replace the carpets. But we don't, so we are making do. They do look MUCH better after a good cleaning, and we'll just strategically place furniture to cover any spots.

Curtain graveyard

--- 3 ---
I never knew how nasty a house could be when it's just 6 years old. It's the motivation we need to do a 'spring cleaning' of baseboards, windows, etc every year. It's empty, so it's not like there's any trash, which is good. But the walls are SO insanely marked up (did I mention we are painting every square inch of the inside?). I cleaned food off a wall AND a lightbulb. The front door was almost black where I guess they put there hands every time they came in and out. The vent in the little girl's room had all kind of 'treasures' stuffed inside which I'm sure the mom didn't know about. The neon pink paint from the girl's room is on the carpet, ceiling, AND trim which was clearly unintentional, and somehow the neon orange ended up in a few spots in the master bedroom. The good news is that they left a whole bunch of cleaning and painting supplies.

Ahhh... neon pink and princess. Maybe we should keep it for guests to enjoy?

--- 4 ---
Our timeline is spending the next two weeks cleaning, fixing up (minor things like the handle on the one toilet, patch a hole in the wall, replace doorstops, replace the quarter round in the master bathroom), and filling the closets with boxes that we have yet to acquire or pack. Then my parents will come the last weekend of June to help us paint for a 4 day weekend. Then we'll probably move in within a week or so after that. So I think we are looking at about a month.... I am SO excited to get in there I can't wait to sit on our sweet front porch and organize our ginormous bedroom and closet.

--- 5 ---
K- ready for some non house related takes? How about money related takes? Yes, let's do that. We spent $750 in one day (and that was after closing on Monday) We bought $400 worth of supplies at Lowe's, plus changed the locks and installed deadbolts for another $350. And that doesn't include the fee for the HVAC to get serviced and the cost of getting the needs-to-be-replaced-but-we-can't-afford-it carpets stretched so people don't visit, trip on our carpets, and then sue us. It is a spendy, spendy week! Oh, I went back to house stuff didn't I?
--- 6 ---
I have a SUPER FUN DATE planned for tonight for Steven. We each plan a non-typical date once per month for the other person, and I am sooo excited about what I have planned. I can't write about it just yet because he may read this before tonight, but hopefully I can write about it and include pictures next week, plus give credit where credit is due (you ladies will LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog I adapted the idea from). I gave him two hints so far .... we will be out late, and we are sort of eating out but sort of not. Muahahahaha.

--- 7 ---
Speaking of super fun dates, we had one last night. I made a veggie dinner and put it in the corningware (a wedding present I didn't ask for and now can't live without!), drove over the new house where Steven had been working on stuff, and had a blanket picnic dinner. Then we went up the road almost a mile where they have a Thursday night summer concert series. It was so fun feeling like part of the community! 

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  1. Love all the house updates! My daughter's room is pink and I always think about people having to re-paint it. I can't wait to hear what colors you choose. Have a great weekend!

  2. You are so cute. I love all the updates with the house. Are you sure you want to get rid of that pink ;) ?

  3. I hope you have fun on your date! And I love all your house updates :)
    (I agree with Ann-Marie.. you GOTTA keep the pink1 lol)

  4. #3 So apparently they left the cleaning supplies for because they were like "We don't use them and the next guy's sure going to need'em!"

  5. Love your date night! We did that when we moved into our first house too - the 2nd and 3rd moves have just been too's been pizza while unpacking & organizing.

  6. You two are so cute! I love having indoor picnics. I hope you have so much fun tonight! I can't wait to hear what your date is! I love the house updates - you should definitely keep the pink and princesses for guests to enjoy hehe ;)

  7. Congratulations on the new house! My husband and I are married almost 11 years and we still have picnic date nights at home!