Friday, June 1, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
Oh progesterone, I love and hate you all at the same time. The two goals for being on bio-identical progesterone on day 18, 21, and 24 are to a) shorten the length of my cycle and b) to get me ovulating more regularly. After one set of injections, my cycle shortened by about two weeks, from about 45 days to a more normal 30ish days. So there's why I love it, because it's working. But I am so over taking time off of work, the two hour round trip drive, the gas money, the cost of the injections, and sore muscles. In the beginning, the mention of Steven giving me injections at home thoroughly freaked us both out. But it will cut out everything but the sore muscles (it's way cheaper to do it yourself at home). When I went on Tuesday, I was begging for them to release us to home injections! Maybe in a month or so.

--- 2 ---
Next week, our 'due diligence' period on the house ends, which is the period when we can back out at any time for any reason. After that, there is no backing out. It's silly, but that scares me! I wish it went straight from due diligence to the closing day, with no pesky "you have to buy the house, but it's not yours!" days in between. There are only 6 of those days, but I'm betting it will feel like a long time! I'm just ready for closing to get here so I don't have any more what ifs! And I'm guessing my faithful readers are ready for the closing to get here so they can quit hearing about the closing. I'm excited for when we have the keys and can just go over there and sit and talk (since we won't be painting or moving right away). We drive past it at least 2-3 times a week now, and it will be so much more fun when we can go in and know it's ours!

--- 3 ---
Crazy Cat Lady update: I didn't post this earlier, because I hate to have a stereotypical cat problem for non-cat lovers to read about and say "That! That is the reason I don't have a cat!". But here goes nothing. Ever since Buttercup got sick, she insisted on peeing on the guest bed. Even after she was all better and back to normal. I tried a few different things but any time we let her in the guest room, she proceeded to pee (luckily we put a waterproof cover on that mattress after the first time... and luckily it was the guest bed and not our bed!). I was picking my mom's brain the other day and she suggested to put down clay litter. We'd used clay litter forever, but switched to corn litter a few months back. Well, what do you know, she won't step foot in the corn litter and is using the clay litter exclusively, AND leaving the guest bed alone. Apparently she has some mental block about using the corn litter since she was sick! I'm so glad we figured it out! Edited to add: right after I wrote that, she went and did a #1 AND #2 in the corn litter. So maybe the girl just likes variety?

--- 4 ---
In other crazy cat lady news, I saw this clearanced window perch at Target and had to have it for her. Luckily, my husband is wrapped around her paw, too, so we stretched our budget and got it for her. I was convinced she wouldn't use it, but after luring her up there with a toy twice, she goes on it at least once a day. So stinkin cute!

--- 5 ---
What's your favorite simple date? Mine is going to Barnes and Nobles together, getting a coffee drink, and reading for an hour or two. It's actually something I used to do with my girlfriends all the time, and Steven and I just did it together for the first time this week. It was just as pleasant as I remembered! My only complaint was that they only had two of the easy chairs so we had to sit in the cafe. It's such a cheap date and so nice to just be in each other's presence while both being wrapped up in our own books!

--- 6 ---
I'm feeling really overwhelmed with the idea of scrapbooking my bachelorette day, rehearsal dinner, getting ready for the wedding, wedding, reception, and honeymoon pictures. There are a LOT of pictures! I think I will break them into a few smaller scrapbooks, but so far I just have a big box of memorabilia (cards, napkins, etc) and haven't touched it. Maybe after we get moved and settled I'll have the motivation.
--- 7 ---
Last but not least, you can enter my Efavors giveaway until tonight at midnight. There are only 6 entries so far so, if you have any interest, go ahead and comment on the original post and you will be entered! It's for a $25 credit to the site, which does not include tax or shipping. 

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  1. The same thing happenned to our cats. They got declawed last summer and were having issues with the litter box so I got them this fancy "newspaper litter" and they were using it for awhile fine. Then we moved and Pierre (the black & grey one) stopped using the litter box altogether! We couldn't figure it out! We went back to the clay litter and they haven't had any issues!! Crazy Cats!

    #1 - Taking off work is no fun. I'm going to have to have my wisdom teeth out and need at least 2 days off blah :(

  2. You are right. . . That is why we don't have cats. I am glad you got it figured out. Don't worry, figuring stuff like that out is a good skill for when you have kids and they freak out over something (like the fact that you didn't turn off the light, or that you moved the coffee table, etc).

  3. #3: Crazy cat ladies unite! Ours have litterbox issues as well.

    #4: Freya has Jon wrapped around her paw as well and has him convinced that she's not evil -- just mischevious.

  4. Haha I love that cat perch! We love Barnes and Noble dates too. M other favorite, simple date is a picnic! :)

  5. I'm interested in hearing more about your progesterone journey (have you written about it before? I'm new here :).) I have low progesterone and take Prometrium from P+3 to P+12 every month and I know it helps improve ovulation on the back end, but I'd not heard of using progesterone to shorten cycle before. (I'm not questioning the treatment, just interested in learning some more.)

    I think I remember you saying PCOS...I also have PCOS and I take metformin as well - seems to be making a difference.

    Oh and cats...yep, have one that when he is stressed, he pees on something. If he weren't so cute and cuddly he'd have been gone. 14 years ago when he peed on something the first time. Fortunately for us, we figured out what stresses him and we try to keep it to a minimum now :).

    1. I'll try to do a post about the progesterone sometime soon. I had never heard of it being used pre-peak/to shorten a cycle, and neither had my Creighton instructor nor her supervisor so it has been a learning journey for a bunch of us, but is pretty interesting. I just know if I respond here, it will be a novel ;).

  6. I love just hanging out at Barnes and Nobles! I usually go with a friend or family, and it's such a simple way to spend time together. By the way, I LOVE your wedding dress! :)

    1. B&N for the win! :) And thank you!!!

  7. That's been our favorite kind of date since very early in our relationship, except it's usually at Starbucks. We'll bring magazines or books of our own and sip coffee and read and it's always a soothing part of our weekend - I'm sad when we don't get to do it.

    My other favorite dates are grocery shopping, going to the half-price before-noon movies, and dinner before services on Friday night.