Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's Getting Real & Bachelorette Day

The Thursday before our wedding, it really hit me that it was Our Wedding Weekend. When I turned my phone off at 5pm, and knew I didn't have to turn it back on for 12 days, I got so excited. I picked up my dress that afternoon from getting steamed, and then took it to the hotel where my sister stored it. My sister and sister in law had come in town on Wednesday, and all Thursday I was antsy to see them, and felt like "It's Getting Real!!!!" because they came all the way from New York (so it's not like they just visit for a weekend and this was one of those... it was like OMG THEY ARE IN TOWN. There must be something big! There IS something big! It's my wedding!). Having people in town made it really real that it was ON! By the time I was done getting my dress, my parents had arrived at the hotel, too. So we all hung out in their room for a while and snacked on the guest bag items. Steven got there a little bit later. I realized that my cousin, her boyfriend, and baby were in town already (from Ohio) so we invited them to come to Chick-fil-a for dinner with us. It was a really fun way to spend the evening, catching up and all just being together before the (good) mayhem would begin!
Unfortunately, we didn't get a group shot of all of us (mom, dad, sister, sister in law, cousin, cousin's bf, baby, bride, and groom) but here is me getting some major baby lovin'.

My bachelorette was a spa day, because after 8pm I require stretchy pants. Night time activities (of the dancing, drinking sort) just aren't my cup of tea. My sister planned such a perfect day and I had a blast with my bridal party. I wanted bridal party only because they all live out of state and we didn't have much time all together. So, we pre-gamed at Starbucks for a little bevvie and chit chat.
Taking pictures to kill time while we waited on the other two bridal party members.

 Then we headed over to Style by Lynae spa nearby. It was so neat because they have an upstairs section for private parties, so the whole time it was just us! I didn't know what I would be like that day (teary, jittery, overly excited) so I was glad to not have an audience! They had a sitting room where my sister had tulips, my favorite flower ever, waiting and cupcakes from The Cupcake Shoppe. They ordered lunch from one of my favorite restaurants in Raleigh, Tokyo House. We got our toes and fingers done and thoroughly enjoyed being pampered. I got a shellac manicure which is made to stay on for up to two weeks, because I'm famous for chipping manicures right after I get them and I needed them to last through the wedding day! They didn't chip for 15 days so I'm definitely a big fan. Only one person could get a manicure and one person a pedicure at a time, so we sat around, had some wine/water/beverage of choice, girl talked, and relaxed. I didn't even know it, but it was EXACTLY how I needed to spend the day before my wedding! I needed something to keep my brain occupied, and I needed to be forced to relax!

Me, my MOH/sissy, the tulips, and cupcakes! I had a bride sash and the girls had bridal party buttons!

Being sufficiently pampered!

Love these girls! Best bridal party ever! 

My first cry of the wedding weekend came during bachelorette spa day. To pay, you had to go outside, downstairs, and into the front door. I stayed outside while the girls went in and paid. It took a while and, at one point, Jessica asked me if I was ok. I smiled and said yes... and I was ok! Then I started thinking about how supportive and loving everyone was, and how many people were travelling from other states to celebrate US, and I got really overwhelmed and began crying. I told the girls they couldn't leave me alone after that point (because being alone made me think of things entirely too sentimental), and since Jill and Jessica were staying at my apartment, and at the hotel with me Friday night, I really never was left alone again the entire weekend!  Haha, those are good bridesmaids! 


  1. What a FUN day! I had that "relaxing music" from the spa in my head the whole time I was reading this lol....I can't wait to keep reading wedding memory posts....I think you should keep them going all year...just sayin ;)

  2. It makes me SO happy that you had such a great and relaxing day!

  3. Pippa did good, didn't she?!? We were ALL so happy to be there and celebrate you and Steven!! It was a great weekend!!!! And I had a great week w/the Butts!!

  4. Awww sounds like so much fun! You're right, I do appreciate this post hehe! :) Cute pins and sash.

    I love low-key bachelorette parties! We also got our nails done, and then we went out for dinner, played board games at my house, and had a sleep over! :)

  5. This is the kind of bachelorette party I want. I have no interest in going out "clubbing" or to a strip joint or whatever they do on TV. I remember for my cousins we went to see this australian show...yeah being chase/naive I'm like this is dumb haha