Friday, May 18, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
First things first. We had our house inspection on Wednesday and.... IT WENT REALLY WELL! I have been holding my breath this whole time, not wanting to fall too  in love and then having an issue we have to walk away from. Well, I still totally fell in love, but tried to keep a little quiet. Now I don't have to! We are still set to close on June 11th, though that could possibly change. We hope not, because we are ready!

--- 2 ---
The only issues the inspector talked to us about were that we need to get the HVAC serviced (needs a little freon and the filter is horrifyingly filthy), we need to open the vents in the crawl space, and put down a moisture barrier. Everything else he noted was cosmetic. Namely, the entire house needs a coat of paint. No really. The entire house. Like doors, trim, walls, everything. I think her two children went crayon, pencil, and fingerprint happy the six years they lived there. But hey, we can handle paint and it will give the house some color (and take away the neon colors in the guest rooms).

--- 3 ---
If you are sick of hearing about the house, brace yourself. Next week's quick takes will have pictures of the inside and information about the area we're moving to. I neglected to take pictures during the inspection but we are going back in it this Saturday so I will take some then.

--- 4 ---
Cat update for my fellow crazy cat ladies: I learned an expensive lesson this week. Don't leave the refrigerated medicine out of the refrigerator overnight. That stuff is liquid gold. I thought it was no biggie and went to pick up a (tiny) replacement bottle... $30. That's almost a week's worth of groceries! Anyway, she seems to be completely back to normal and just finished her appetite stimulant, and has just a few days left on her antibiotic and probiotic. Let's hope she stays this way!

--- 5 ---
If you are feeling a bit morbid today, check out my post on eternity from earlier this week. I would love to hear your thoughts!

--- 6 ---
Right now I should be at the beach for a work conference. I wasn't excited to be away from Steven but, if I have to be, the beach is where I want to be! But I found out last week (after the agency already paid for my hotel and registration) that our ageny is undergoing CQL accreditation this week, and I couldn't go anywhere. It's a 5 day process, and I had to be there for half a day Wednesday, the whole day Thursday, and Friday morning, so it made no sense at all to go. My cousin and her family live near where I would have been, and originally Steven was going to drive down on Friday since the conference ends at lunch, and we were going to spend the day together and then have dinner with my cousin that night before driving back, so that's a bummer.

--- 7 ---
But instead, we talked my parents into visiting (after driving here multiple times this year for the wedding and wedding related stuff) and we have a weekend full of fun plans. Steven is off the entire time they are here, which has never happened before, so I'm really excited. Plans include: 
  • The Got to Be NC Festival (supporting local agriculture and other local goodies)
  •  Artsplosure (festival all about art, but our fave thing is going on s Sunday morning walk when it's quiet and seeing all the super artistic chalk drawings through downtown)
  • Taking them to our new, favorite local pizza place, Gino's, which will no longer be local once we move to the new house, to enjoy the daily deal, $4.63 for a drink and two slices of delicious pizza.
  • Making homemade ice cream for them to try.
  • Church!
  • Breakfast at Cafe Carolina (which is where Steven and I had breakfast together on our wedding day).
  • Taking my parents to see the new house! Our real estate agent is sweet enough to get us in there again so they can see it. 

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  1. I love looking at other peoples houses. I am so nosy that way! Can't wait to see the photos.

  2. Ditto on the pics! Be sure to document everything. That way you can do a whole post with before and afters! I can't wait to see it. I hope your closing goes well. Your hand will probably fall off from signing your name so often.