Friday, May 11, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
I'm happy to announce that life has FINALLY calmed down, almost a month after the wedding. This week has seemed much more like the 'normal' life that we haven't experienced in a long time. We have had a lot more of that newlywed bliss, just by being together and enjoying the evenings together, rather than running around like crazy getting a million things done. Steven has been off every night this week, which has been awesome. We did a half cleaning Monday (bathrooms, kitchens, floors only) just to allow us some extra time to just be! We have read, laid around watching tv, spent time just talking, gone for a walk in the nice weather, and spent time cuddling with the kitty (who has been SUPER cuddly lately).

--- 2 ---
Speaking of the kitty, they have no clue what was wrong with her, but spending the night in the hospital with an IV, appetite stimulant, and critical care food seemed to do the trick. She came home with 12 days of three medicines, which we have become pros at giving, after a few tragic drooling-out-the-med experiences. She is only about 5.5 lb to start with and got down to 5lbs just by not eating for a few days, so I'm hoping the appetite stimulant gets her up to at least 6. She is eating like a horse. I don't ever want her to get that sick again. Now that she's 10, I think every symptom scares me a little more... she's not a young kitty anymore. The only current problem is that when she was sick, she had a potty accident (or 4) on the guest bed. Well, once a cat can smell their pee somewhere, they keep peeing there because the smell is comforting to them (I know, gross, right?). So... now we have to keep her out of that room and no matter how much I douse the mattress with enzyme stuff, we can't smell it but apparently SHE can. Looks like we might just have to get a new guest bed mattress because I hate having to keep the door closed all the time.

--- 3 ---
Did I share with you that we are under contract for a house?! I'm not sharing it on facebook yet, but all the real life people who read my blog already know (as do my Cathsorority sisters who have prayed like crazy for us during this process). We need to get the inspection done, but the house was built in 2006 so we are really hoping and praying that nothing is wrong with it. It's a short sale, which we have avoided like the plague, but she took us to see this one because they promised to get back with us for negotiations within 72 hours. We put the offer in on Friday and they had countered by Friday night. We accepted on Saturday, and got our signed contract on Monday. Closing is planned for June 11th so it will go fast! We are hoping there are no catches or snags, because we love this house. We wouldn't be able to afford the neighborhood otherwise, and we love the area. When we get closer to closing, and more confident that it's a done deal, I'll do a quick takes post dedicated to the house and the area we'll be in. Let me just say that I almost peed my pants when I saw how many parks are close by (4 within a mile and that was without looking hard). Inspection is Wednesday so prayers are appreciated!

--- 4 ---
Oh, you want to see a picture? I was sold at "front porch". For some reason, having a front porch isn't in our price range. I never knew! And I have always dreamed of having one, so you can imagine my excitement when we pulled up to the house!

--- 5 ---
This weekend we are going to see The Avengers. Save me? We super rarely go see movies in the 'real' theater, but Steven is dying to see it. I want popcorn, so seeing the movie is the price I must pay. We are also meeting with our NFP instructor for the first time in like two months. I'm excited because I've seen the doctor so many times since the last time I saw her and I want to fill her in on the progesterone injections, etc. And I want to graduate to new post peak rules. YAY.

--- 6 ---
Is there anything you do nightly with your spouse like rosary, devotional, etc? Our thing has been the daily readings, meditation, and saint of the day but... we've both felt lately like we are just going through the motions with it. I feel a bit guilty saying/thinking that we need to mix it up, but that's what we decided to do. We're going to print out the 'read the bible in one year' schedule and rotate what we do... like two nights a week read a section from that list (so obviously we won't finish it in a year but we will know that we've read it all once we are done), do a devotional two other nights, rosary one night, saint bio one night, etc. I think mixing it up will be fun.

--- 7 ---
I'm sort of out of things to say (shocking, I know) sooo.... a bridal portrait! I completely forgot about them after the wedding, since I had them hidden before the wedding!

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  1. 4- That house is soooo cute!!! I want a front porch too! So happy for you both.

    6- We pray together every night, and a couple nights a week do our Bible reading and questions for our study.

    7- Beautiful!!!

    I hope your cat starts feeling better soon!

  2. Great photo!

    Hubby and I watch movies in bed. I know, not exactly devotional, but with five kids ten and under we do so many family devotional things that it is so nice to sometimes just sit in each other's arms and not have to say anything.

  3. 1: Well? You DID leave her for a week and decamp to another country. She's probably telling you not to do it again.

    2: Glad she's better. My boys will be 10 this year and my girls will be 9. #crazycatlady

    4: *drooling*

    7: Pretty!

  4. That house is sooo cute! It looks so similar to the Levittown houses that we were really hoping for.

    "I'm excited because I've seen the doctor so many times since the last time I saw her and I want to fill her in on the progesterone injections, etc. And I want to graduate to new post peak rules. YAY." I don't know what much of this means! Either 1. I missed/don't remember these details in a post, 2. most of your readers just know so you don't have to explain, or 3. you just haven't posted many specifics about NFP. I wanted to learn about it through your blog!! Although your blog isn't about me, so yeah. :)

    1. I think I did write about the progesterone injections, but basically the dr. (who has audited Creighton, which is the NFP model I use, so he knows the church teaching and can medically treat me based on that, which is awesome)... he is giving me progesterone right now to balance out the hormones in my body and, ideally, after a month or two my body will begin to have normal length cycles instead of the 40-45 day cycles I'm having now. I may always have to be on progesterone post peak because I have a slight deficiency, and it will help me stay pregnant when we do get pregnant.

      On to post peak lol. Post peak is the day after you ovulate until the first day of your period. During that time, most couples get to have sex any time of day, every day, I believe. Because of how my cycles are, our 'rule' is every other day, end of the day (which is also the rule for pre-peak for us and everyone else... first day after period until you begin seeing fertile signs). At this meeting, we should 'graduate' to every day, end of day during post peak. Pre-peak will never change since that's already the normal rule.

      Did this make any sense? :)

  5. My mom has ALWAYS wanted a house with a porch but we never could find one. So we broke even with balconies in our apartments/condos. My cats LOVE our screened in porch. I think they think they are just in another room but can annoy anything that walks by outside.