Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Quick Takes- Life Updates

--- 1 ---
Married life is wonderful. I do have a complaint though (I know, so soon!). We both came back from the honeymoon to absolute mayhem at our jobs. I think we both thought it was just because we were gone for a week and a half but almost two weeks later it hasn't calmed down for either of us. I feel like I'm not even really enjoying newlywed bliss because, not only do we have somewhat different work schedules, but we are both stressed and crazy busy. Hopefully it will calm down soon.

The photographer said she would photoshop the C out (she was mainly trying to get the cows in the background since we were dying for a picture with them in it lol) but since we are the Cash Family, we told her to leave it in! Speaking of which, I don't know how to make us plural. So I called us the Cash Family. Cash's? 

--- 2 ---
One thing that really does help, though, is our rings. I didn't expect it to be such a big deal, but we will be running a million errands, I'll catch a glimpse of his ring, and my heart will pitter patter like crazy. I remember one afternoon on the honeymoon, I was on one side of the bar ordering our food and he was on the other side ordering our drinks (come on, like we wouldn't have Operation: Snack Time down to a science?) and he was leaning against the bar. I saw his ring and got a little emotional. There was my husband on the other side of the bar! Sometimes when there is craziness at work, I'll look at my ring and it's a moment of happiness inside a rough day.

--- 3 ---
I finally got to say "my husband" in real life two and a half weeks after we got married. Somehow it just didn't come up before then and I was dying to say it! I went to get my haircut Wednesday and said it twice. More flutters. Back to the hair cut. I originally began growing my hair out for my sister's wedding, and then kept going for mine. Now that the wedding is over, and because it was 93 degrees on Wednesday, I was desperate for a cut. I got 5 inches off and it feels SO much lighter. Speaking of haircut, Buttercup also got her summer haircut. We do it once a year and I think it's ridiculously cute. Steven just thinks it's scary.
Refusing to look at the camera out of embarrassment. And yes, her tongue is always out.

--- 4 ---
Thursday was my 27th birthday. Sooooo close to 30, but it doesn't bother me as much as it seems to bother other people. I think the only reason it bothers me is because my biological clock is ticking. But I've been a big fan of my late 20's... I was never a fan of my early 20's. It feels crazy that I met Steven when I was 24. That sounds so young to me now, and I don't feel like we've been together that long (2 years and 4 months). How did I celebrate?
--- 5 ---
Well, that includes a Creighton/NFP/Napro update. I now have to get progesterone injections on day 18, 21, and 24 of my cycle until my cycle shortens a bit. I had the first one in my arm and it made me want to curl up and disappear for a few days, and the second one in my hip which I barely noticed, and today it *barely* even it hurts. They are $41 a pop and I have a two hour drive roundtrip to get them. And of course one was scheduled on my birthday. I'm a total whiner, but I am really appreciative that there is something they can do that is within church teaching and doesn't include pumping me full of artificial hormones that just mask the problem. And I LOVE that I can ask my doctor about church teaching (because I didn't know if we needed to abstain while I was getting the injection since it's pre-ovulation). It was weird and liberating and comforting all at the same time. The idea, from what I understand, is that the progesterone will give me a fake period and then I will have the correct amount in my body which should trigger ovulation and a normal length cycle, though it could take a few cycles of doing the injections for that to happen.
After my injection, Steven took me for a BK ice cream cone on the hour drive home. Except they were out of ice cream. So he got me a crown for my birthday and took me to Wendy's for a parfait. Calories, sugar, and fake ingredients don't count on your birthday. Or after a shot.
--- 6 ---
Oh ok, you want to know how I really celebrated? In the morning I opened the presents from my mom and dad and Steven had baked me blueberry muffins (all natural!) between getting home from work at 12:30 am and getting back up for work at 5:15 am. Then work....Well in the middle of the most insane work day (and most insane two work weeks ever- EVERYONE is losing housing, almost dying, or having a mental health crisis), my coworkers grabbed me into the breakroom for a few minutes to sing to me, give me a card, and eat cupcakes. I have a rule about working on my birthday (the rule is: Don't.) but felt bad taking it off this year after being off so much last month. With as horrible as the day was, it was just what I needed to get through the rest of the day! Steven went with me to the doctor, got me a sweet treat after, took me to pick out cheesecake, let me open presents, took me out to a fabulous dinner at Maggiano's (where they give you a free appetizer if it's your first time, apparently!), and back home to open my last present and eat said cheesecake. So it was a spectacular birthday evening!

--- 7 ---
And last but not least, I'm off to take Buttercup to the vet this morning. She had her yearly appointment last week and did great. Bloodwork was fine, she got her shots, and we were on her way. By Tuesday morning she had diarrhea outside the box, Tuesday afternoon it happened multiple times, Wednesday it was inside the box but worse, and then she quit eating, so she has't used the bathroom since Wednesday. Keep us in your prayers, if you will. She's my baby and I'm really nervous about what could be going on with her.
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  1. #1: Cashes.

    #7: Praying. I'm the mommy of 4 cats and kitties are just as much children as the human ones. (Why no, there isn't a black cat on my chest telling me that there will be claws if I don't type this.)

    1. I probably should have known that I could add an "e" but I'm just going to fess up that I had no clue lol!

      I knew you would understand about cat children :). Sometimes I feel weird when I try to describe how I feel about Buttercup to non-cat people!

  2. Don't worry, things will slow down soon.

    I love reading about your "just married" bliss. It reminds me of those days and I get a bit teary-eyed. It all goes so quickly!

    1. We have decided Saturday will be "do nothing Saturday" which means no work, no chores, nothing productive. We so need it! Glad you enjoyed that post... I will have many more coming in the next few weeks :). I want to get it all written before I forget the details!

  3. 1 - I was wondering about the C, that works out perfectly.

    2- Aww so sweet! :) Love that newlywed joy!

    4- HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Sounds like such a great night with Steven!

  4. Happy belated birthday!! 27 is a great age to be (I'll be there with you in a couple months).
    Wheeeee I TOTALLY remember feeling all excited inside when I got to say "husband" and would look at our rings. I love that you shared this. It's so beautiful.
    I'm praying that everything goes well with your progesterone injections. Also praying for Buttercup!

  5. Alls I have to say is 27 is an awesome age. If nothing else at least it's a perfect cube (3^3)!!! (I'm a nerd, I know.) You won't be a perfect cube again until you're 64, so soak it up!
    Also, Happy Birthday!!!! And I hope everything is ok with Buttercup :)

  6. I can remember everything about the first time I got to refer to Stephen as my was glorious and magical, haha. :-)