Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wedding Memories

How in the world could I post everything that I want to post about the wedding and honeymoon? I'm sure I can't, but I'll try! These posts may be ridiculously long, but I'm writing them more for me to have in the future, so don't feel you have to wade completely through them!

Someone (I can't remember who and am too lazy to dig through posts/comments) said that after their wedding, they wrote down little details they thought of and loved having it, because they were the types of things you are sure to forget later on. We loved that idea, and started it in the airport around 5am the day after the wedding. We also added some honeymoon things to the list, but dropped the list a few days in, in favor of making a photo log so we remembered the details behind some of the pictures we took. I'm going to do an individual wedding post (once I get some pro pics back) and a honeymoon post, with some of the 240(!) pics I posted on facebook, but this will just be part of the list we made. Organizing my posts for myself on 'paper' here- special wedding moments (check), special reception moments, special honeymoon moments, bridal party bachelorette day post, general wedding post, general honeymoon post. I reserve the right to not write any, or write even more than is listed here :). Remember how I said I'd be back to normal posts after the wedding? Ok, maybe in a few weeks!

We took this picture with the timer feature on my camera after we got back to the hotel. I don't know why exactly, but I just love it! I made us sit in our wedding clothes for a while because I was sad about taking them off lol! Steven looked so handsome in his vest and tie, and I loved my dress and wanted to keep wearing it.

Special wedding moments:

  • People honking and screaming when they saw me come out of the hotel and get in the limo. Again, later when Steven and I were having pictures made in front of the church and the reception site, and when we were in the getaway car on the way to the hotel. It made it feel real because people who didn't know us were excited for us!
  • When we pulled up to the church in the limo, and I saw guests outside taking pictures. It all began to come together that this was my wedding day and all these people were here to support us!
  • This might seem silly, but we both really loved that the daughter of one of the wedding committee members (who attended both the rehearsal and wedding, hung out in the back and was SO quiet and good) got really excited when they asked if I wanted the tulle pew bows and I said no. She immediately took them off the pews talking about plans for a skirt... I loved that they were getting repurposed and not thrown away!
  • We had our altar arrangements (which I think were beautiful, but I can't wait to see pics because I didn't get a good look!), but the church was still decked out in Easter lilies! They were all over the altar and we were really excited for the extra, free flowers! Plus, I love Easter (who doesn't?) and it will always serve as a reminder that we were married in the Easter season.
  • The Deacon made just enough jokes to put everyone at ease, but still kept the ceremony sacred. We had responses to give at the beginning, which no one had warned us about and so we had NO clue what to say (yes?, we will?, we do?) so we were both really quiet with our responses, and he made a joke about no one being able to hear us. It actually helped calm both of us down. Later he made a joke about Steven needing to hold my hands because there was some line in the prayer he was about to say that was about holding each other's hands. I don't know why, but we were slightly awkward hand holders during the non-vows standing part.
  • I didn't cry down the aisle, which shocked me since I cried about 10 times on the wedding morning, but I did almost lose it when I was hiding in the choir loft stair well and heard the cantor begin Ave Maria. That song makes me a bit emotional in general, plus I knew it was TIME.
  • I was nervous about details, but not nervous at all about getting married. And Steven was calmer than he is on an average day!!! I thought I'd be nervous and he'd be a wreck, so I was really pleased at how calm both of us were. 
  • The deacon came into my little hiding room before the wedding to check on me and told me how Steven picked his outfit. He said he could either wear an alb or cope- neither are exact pictures but you get the idea, and Steven chose the cope. As soon as he walked in I thought "Wow, that's interesting" because the cope is very mideval looking. Then when I realized he wasn't joking about Steven picking it out, I got such a good laugh out of it. It was totally something Steven would pick- the pomp over simplicity. I didn't mind at all, and actually liked that he let Steven pick because it was some of Steven's personality showing through in the wedding, but it was hilarious to me because of course Steven would pick that! He sent us a thank you card (... for our thank you card lol), and said he is using the tip we gave him to save up for his own cope. It all makes such a sweet memory!
  • While I was hiding out in the room with my sister, they had Steven and his best man stashed in the sacristy. The deacon spent like 30 minutes giving them a lesson on the different types of vestments, and Steven explained the missal to his best man. Super cute! 
  • When we were all done with pictures and they put me in the room to hide and began letting guests in, I realized we hadn't done the one picture I really wanted- us holding hands around a door. The door to the room I was in is a pretty, old door original to the church, but it has a window, so they had to get me with my back to it and Steven with his back to it so we wouldn't see through. That moment of finding each other's hand and knowing we were about to become husband and wife was so sweet. I didn't want to let go! 
Not only was our cake SUPER DELICIOUS, but it was so beautiful that I really did not want to cut it!!! We have been eating leftovers like crazy since we got back from the honeymoon. I'll be sad when it's gone!

I love the entire dress, but the back was my favorite part. Which is funny, since I could only see it with a mirror or in a picture! I also love the super intense bustle that the alterations lady added in! 

I feel like I'm missing a million things, but I guess I can always come back and edit the post to add them. I can't wait to get the other posts written up but, alas, thank you cards must take precedence over blog posts ;). Now.... off to my first day back to work in 12 days!


  1. Awwww, it sounded wonderful! You guyls looked awesome, and I want to hear all about the honeymoon. Congrats!!

    1. I will definitely post about the honeymoon! :)

  2. Congratulations on your marriage! I think blogging about the little details you don't want to forget is a great idea. I might do it myself! We had to stop by the drugstore on the way back from our wedding (in full wedding attire, of course), because I had forgotten to pack make up remover. We got some great stares waltzing through Walgreens at midnight in formal attire! :)That's a sweet memory that I won't be able to find in our pictures, and I would hate to forget!

    Your wedding sounds lovely, and your dress is absolutely gorgeous! I hope you're soaking in the newlywed bliss!

    1. I love that story! Little things like that are so wonderful to remember.

      We are DEFINITELY blissful!

    2. That reminds me of how i met your mother after lilly and marshall get married they go to mcdonalds in their wedding attire.

  3. lovelovelovelove your dress!!!

    why did the deacon do the wedding? (or was he assisting? i'm kind of ignorant on this.)

    1. Thank you! I'm still sad that I'm done wearing it lol.

      The deacon can do the wedding as long as it's not a mass, so people can request him. We had requested a priest but he had a heart attack, the second had to go to his dad's funeral, so then we ended up with the deacon :). It's funny how things work out because we ended up LOVING him and had some amazing conversations with him before the wedding.

  4. Awww it sounds like such a wonderful day! Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I absolutely love your dress, it's gorgeous! :)

    1. Thank you!!!! Did I get the list idea from you? I was thinking it was you, but not sure :).

  5. This was so nice to read!! I don't know if I even posted after my wedding, which is kind of sad. Maybe I should make a list now at least, so I don't forget.

  6. I have heard that people think they will be super nervous on their wedding day but it's like god knows they are doing the right thing and they are super calm the day of :)

    I LOVE that style of a wedding dress (the bottom ruffles). I once created a whole wedding dress/wedding party with that style of dresses on davidsbridals website haha

    Can't wait to read the other posts. I love reading about peoples weddings.

  7. Congratulations on your marriage!

    You guys seriously weren't kidding when you have talked about how much using NFP increases communication. We were having some pretty deep discussions about 24 hours after our wedding, discerning if we felt comfortable going outside the guidelines (which sounds way better than 'breaking the rules'). I already knew I loved using NFP, but I really didn't expect to see the benefits one day into our marriage! I'm not saying it's been easy, but some parts of it have actually been fun.

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  8. Congratulations, you guys look so happy, all the best again.