Sunday, March 25, 2012

Guest Post Alert!

Today I was featured over at Karianna's, guest posting about the 4th beatitude. I really enjoyed writing that post for her and the whole series she is running has provided a lot of food for thought. Go check out my post and her blog! If you are new here from Karianna's blog, welcome! I hope you'll snoop around a little and get to know me. Leave me a comment so I can check you out as well! I blog about faith, fertility, PCOS, health, and frugality, with a side of wedding planning (2 weeks and 6 days, people!).


  1. LOVED it. Particularly this point: "Life is life at all stages."

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  3. That was very thought provoking, Stacy. I'm very much at fault for thinking only of myself and my family most of the time. I love when my kids teach me new things!