Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Day in the life of Katie

Welcome to the very last installment of A Day in the Life. This series is meant to give us a glimpse into each other's lives... the parts we might not normally show or might not fit the 'theme' of our blogs. It's also meant to help us get to know each other even more, to inspire us, and to let us know that life isn't quite as glamorous as blogs make them out to be :).  If you're late to the game, I kicked it off followed by Betsy's SundayJessica's MondayCari's TuesdayKate's Wednesday, Jen's Thursday, and Mandi's Friday. The series is finishing out today with Katie from NFP and Me. She is awesome for many reasons, but one of the top on my list is the crazy cool NFP buttons she has made. You must check them out at her site! So here is a Saturday in the life of Katie! 

Ya’ll caught me on a particularly special Saturday because normally I just study all. day. long. Yet this past Saturday was part of my very short but nevertheless wonderful Spring Break. There hasn’t been any studying in sight since a week and a half prior. So how did I spend my last free Saturday until boards are over? Relaxing on a beach like some of my classmates? Laying around the house doing anything that isn’t productive? Binge drinking to celebrate my 0% Irish heritage? Not quite.
Instead I spent the day doing manual labor in my yard. I know, we get pretty crazy. Our yard was a mess, truly embarrassing. So we were bound and determined to get it into a presentable shape. We weeded, we dug, we tilled, we mulched, we did everything.  At the end of the day we ended up with 3 new trees, a garden twice the size and last year, and new tulips in our front yard. We went from this:

To this:

It may not look like much but trust me it took many hours of work, an 18 pack of Bud Light (between two days and both my husband and I), and a considerable amount of sweat and cussing. Now if our grass would just green up we would be set. We ended up doing the back yard, garden, and some trees as well.  We did it all with only 3 trips to Lowe’s, minimal blisters, and 2 small fights. We called it a win and decided to settle in to watch some basketball.
Unfortunately before we could start watching basketball, I had to fix my sniffling and sneezing husband. The whole time we were doing  yard work I was surrounded by an incessant “sniff sniff” only occasionally broken up by a very loud “Achoo.”  He was convinced he had a cold while I sided with allergies.  I drugged gave him with some Benadryl and called it good. He’s not dead yet so it seemed to do the trick. I guess I can be a doctor after all. ;-)
Back to basketball, ya’ll probably don’t know this about me (because how would you?) but I am a huge college basketball fan. My number one team is Duke and my step child of a team is Kansas. I know that seems silly because I’m from Kansas but it’s true. Well if you’ve followed the tournament at all then you know how my team turned out. Maybe you remember seeing “Missouri Loves Company” scrolling through your newsfeed. I went from such a high-high with Missouri losing and then an unbelievable low with Duke’s loss. I’m not ashamed to admit I cried and then consumed an unhealthy amount of Monkey Bread.  You do what you have to do right? So with a sour taste in my mouth from the night before I watched the Saturday games and cheered for every upset because I’m a sore loser like that.  We settled into bed at an embarrassingly early time so we could watch basketball and drift off to sleep.
Other than that it was a pretty uneventful day. I kept wishing something big would happen because I wanted to be able to share it with you all but unfortunately I had a regular ol’ boring day.

About the Author: Katie blogs at NFP and Me about her life as a pro-life Catholic medical student (quite the enigma), being a wife to Steven and dog-mom to Jack, and you guessed it: the joys and pains of practicing Natural Family Planning.


  1. Wow, glad you took pictures, because the transformation was insane!

  2. Thanks Mandi! And to think I didn't think it was that bad before...the horror!

    Thanks for sharing this Stacy! :)

  3. I hate yard work which is why I'm glad we live in an apt/condo. They do all the yard work for me lol. But yeah you guys did a lot now you are ready for spring/summer :)

    I know the feeling. That is why I didn't participate b/c my life is boring and I literally do nothing all day long except sit on the computer and sleep haha