Friday, March 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

I have a new favorite blog/website/product. Have you seen Happy Saints ? They are cute as pie. Last Saturday night, I told Steven to google Vatican hats (I'll get to that next). Well, nothing close to what I was looking for came up in the search, but Steven couldn't resist clicking on "Vatican Trucker Hats" which led us to which led us to Happy Saints products. I'm pretty sure they are meant for children, but this girl was sold. Awesome quotes, cute pictures, and cool products! Steven loved it too and ordered a St. Michael keychain for himself and an All Saints keychain for me. We immediately went and liked their facebook pages. I hope their ebook is still around in a few years when I can buy it without feeling ridiculous!
This is the one I got because I couldn't decide on just one. This way I get them all! If they'd had my patron saint, Felicity, I would have gotten it, but they didn't. I have already placed a request on their facebook page ;). 

Even though all this happened before I knew they had an affiliate code, I am totally not above free stuff. In fact, who IS above free stuff? If you check them out through this link and decide to order something, I would get a 5% commission (which I could then use to order the 4,000 other things we want from their site). I think the link is only for the e-book and maybe a few other products. If you want the rest, you'll have to search for Happy Saints on Zazzle. Kinda confusing, but worth the adorable-ness.
Check out Happy Saints!
--- 2 ---

Why was I googling Vatican hats? Friday night I went to church because they had the Opening in the Cause of Canonization for Father Thomas Price. I have been reading Philip's blog for a while now, and I know he is praying for the intercession of Father Price to heal his terminal brain tumor. It was exciting seeing him in real life after reading his blog for a while now, which might be a bit silly since he just lives in Wake Forest which is about 30 minutes away. But still, it was cool. Even cooler was the actual process of the opening of the cause. There was a tribunal there complete with Vatican officials. I googled the hats to figure out what their exact titles were, but my search didn't yield any information (besides the trucker hats, which they were not wearing). There was lots of official signing of documents, some chanting, and an awesome homily by the bishop.

The bishop signing the documents. Philip is on the left in the picture. The chancellor is in the middle and I'm not totally sure who's on the right.

--- 3 ---
This week we met with the reception venue, dj, and florist for our final appointments with them. Plus we did some more house hunting, got our marriage license, did a big shopping trip for wedding stuff at Michael's, AND I've had bronchitis since Tuesday! It makes me tired just typing it! I am absolutely looking forward to the wedding and reception, but lately I have been dreaming of our honeymoon. I'm ready to relax and have fun with Steven for 6 straight days!

--- 4 ---
Speaking of, we are going to Curacao and when I tell people, they usually look at me very confused. So here is some geographical info for you. Look right off the coast of Venezuala. For future reference, it is cheaper than any other all inclusive resorts we found, besides those in Mexico. I didn't want to go to Mexico because I've been (to Queretaro) and wanted a new place to add to my travel list.

--- 5 ---
With the possibility of us buying a house in the near future, I am all over internet money making sites. I mostly use Swagbucks and in about two months I have earned enough points to cash in for $20 worth of Amazon cards. Steven has as well. Click here to start using Swagbucks.  Everyone I've talked to has their preferred way of earning. It can be frustrating at first, but let me know if you want pointers on what I find is the best way to earn. We are hoping to continue using it and always use them at the end of the year for Christmas gifts, since money is always tight around the holidays. I also use Superpoints, but only for the free point (or few points) they send in my email every day. It won't add up to much, but I found that I do better focusing on just one site at a time. The Superpoints might get us a couple $5 Amazon cards by the end of the year, and something is better than nothing. I also made $60 off of advertising my blog, which was exciting.

--- 6 ---

My future mother in law threw us a wedding shower last Sunday. It was at her church, and it was a lot of fun. It was overwhelming because there were almost as many people there as will be at our wedding! 17 thank you cards down, 61 to go! His mom, their family, and her church friends put together such a cute shower that was decked out in purple and green. It's amazing how loved you can feel by complete strangers! It was fun when we came home, unloaded, and re-opened because we were so overwhelmed in our 90 minute gift opening time at the shower that we didn't know half of what we had gotten! We also really enjoyed the Lord's feast day... i.e. we ate ourselves crazy, including like 6 cake squares.

--- 7 ---
Butternut squash soup is grody. I bought some to soothe my throat, and because I'm not eating much while I don't feel well, so I wanted to make sure I'm still getting my veggies. I'm making myself eat it a little at a time but.... ew. I was really hoping they would have a sweet potato bisque type soup but no such luck.

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  1. Ahh your wedding is so close! I hope you're getting super excited! I can't wait to see pictures! And I really hope you feel better, being sick is never fun! And good luck with the house search!

  2. I have a great recipe for roasted buttenut squash and sweet potato soup on my recipe page, if you feel like cooking. I guess it would be a good Friday Lenten meal :)

    We have a house we are going to (hopefully) put on the market next month - wanna buy it ;)

  3. I am a "lurker" to your blog. I always look for you from the Quick Takes. I am excited to see wedding photos. I love weddings.

  4. Hope you get to feeling better! But hooray on all the wedding stuff! It's so close! I'll be praying for you guys as it approaches. Enjoy every minute of it. :)

  5. What a great shower! I was overwhelmed by the generosity of others when I got married. Yes, enjoy your honeymoon. Never again in your entire life will you have a vacation like this. So do whatever makes you happy, running around seeing everything, or just laying in bed eith a book. Praying for you guys as the day gets closer!

  6. I have recently been working on understanding swagbucks and superpoints. I wrote a post on superpoints earlier in the week that may help you figure it out better. If you have an android swagbucks has an app I make 50 points a day just from it!

  7. Not a fan of butternut squash anyway so the soup doesn't sound all that good. (I'd be more in favor of chicken soup to help the bronchitis because the broth is clear.) I hope you get over the bronchitis soon -- I had it three times while pregnant (including during my birth drama with Daniel) and it is NO FUN!