Friday, March 9, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

You know why my guest post series is crazy? Because every week that I format one to post, I think about how I am one week closer to the wedding. And when it finishes, there will only be a few weeks standing between me and the day I marry my best friend.

--- 2 ---

You know that thing I said about putting off house searching until after the wedding? Well the day I posted that, I happened to ride through a neighborhood I was passing by after a work appointment and found a house that would make me a happy girl. We got pre-approved for a loan that night. We went and saw that house but it was not for us. Now we are seeing three more this morning. Eeek!

--- 3 ---

Yes, we are biting off a lot, but we decided to keep looking at houses as long as it stays fun. If it becomes stressful, we'll put it off until we get back from the honeymoon. Right now, we are having a lot of fun, even with our itsy bitsy budget, finding houses we can afford and picturing the possibility of living there. Lowes Promo Code will help with fixer-uppers!

--- 4 ---

We have found that we have to decide between nice, small houses with a nice sized yard in an older but established neighborhood with hardwoods and purdy kitchens or bigger house that we would never grow out of but slightly underwhelming finishes in a new neighborhood that hasn't stood the test of time and looks like a used car lot when everyone is home, not to mention the dinky, outdated kitchens and wall to wall carpet. I'm leaning towards option A which means we have to live right outside of Raleigh instead of in Raleigh. We are looking at Garner, which I like because it's really close to Raleigh (attached, if you will) but also has enough to sustain itself, including two Targets and two Chickfilas within a few miles of wherever we buy. Yeah, I'm a simpleton. And call me crazy, but I actually like the idea of a small house for a growing family. If we need to buy something a bit larger one day, we can, but if we are happy, we'll stay.

--- 5 ---

Back to non house stuff. I have warned you before that I don't bat an eye at TMI, right? So I started my period Monday which is a good thing because it means my cycle was "only" 45 days. That's shorter than the last one, and way shorter than they have been historically, so I'm happy. You know why I'm not happy? That would put my next one coming right around the wedding day. I don't even care about the honeymoon, honestly. I am just trying to imagine my bridesmaids holding my wedding dress while I empty the Diva Cup that I just started using this month (and love). (Fear not bridesmaids, I would never make you do that. Unless you are my maid of honor and my sister, who has advocated my Diva Cup use, in which case I may require your assistance. Muahahahahaha.) Hopefully it will come a few days after, or even the week before- but regardless I will just be happy that I have a cycle and deal with whatever happens!

--- 6 ---

We are starting to pay vendors off and it feels good. Well, it might not feel good to spend $725 with one click (my most recent payment for a vendor), but it feels good getting it done because I don't want to worry about payments right before the wedding. The only person we aren't paying ahead of time is our videographer just because he is from out of town and we haven't met him. We paid him a 50% deposit and will pay him the rest at the church. Anyway, the main point is that I will be really happy after next week when almost everyone will be paid off!

--- 7 ---
We are going to celebrate our one month til the wedding by going to get our marriage license. YAY! It already feels very real, but I have a feeling that will make it feel even more real! As much as I don't want to the wedding day to be over, I'm most certainly ready for it to be here.

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  1. I so cannot wait to have that feeling of my wedding being almost here. We've already been engaged for 6 months and I'm so ready to get married (and the next 14 months aren't going to fly, since these 6 months have just drug on)
    So excited for you! I hope you guys can find a house. I'm hoping when we get married we can buy one shortly after (because rent around here is 900+)...I almost think buying a house would be cheaper!

  2. The small house is a good idea--you'll find much to repair and clean, and it's much easier than keeping a big house right off the bat! Also, however much you think you know what you want now, you're going to discover that there are really important things you didn't think about before, and that only comes through home ownership. For what it's worth.

  3. 5 - OMG about 5 years ago I went around asking people if they "worried about this" I even went and googled "what happens if I have my period on my wedding day" and you'll find a TON of stuff. One person even said to get a form of birth control that you can "control" when AF will arrive. Knowing NOTHING about BC at the time I was like is that even possible? But really I freaked out more b/c of the honeymoon than anything.

    P.S. a bunch of people said "doing the deed" on your period is good for cramps...all I can say is ewww

  4. On the house thing: do either of you guys have a smart phone? If so download the Realtor app. It's free and if you're ever out driving and see a house you love that doesn't have an info sheet, you can just pull it up there. It was so handy when we were looking!

    Yay on the marriage license!! It's getting so close!

  5. I am so excited for you. The wedding is coming so soon. I think you have the right attitude about house hunting. When it gets stressful, just quit. My husband and I house hunt all the tme. And by that, I mean, we walk through new construction and talk about the features that we do and do not like. When it came to buying a house, it was that much easier, since we already knew our prefrences. It is also a cheap date :). We still do it - especially when we drive into the rich neighborhoods. How many media rooms does one house need?

  6. "As much as I don't want to the wedding day to be over, I'm most certainly ready for it to be here." I remember that feeling well. The best advice anyone gave me was not to keep staying one step ahead--just be in that moment. For example, don't worry about "next, we cut the cake" and "ok soon will be the bouquet toss" etc. Anticipating makes it rush by. Just relish each moment in and of itself, and you will be guided to the next ones without your mind racing there.

  7. I just found your blog and had to laugh because I woke up on my wedding day to find that I had started my period. God has a sense of humor!!!

  8. Note that the mother of the bride still thinks the diva cup is yuk so I will not be helping in that process ;-)