Friday, February 3, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

While you are reading this, I am probably doing one of a few things: working 4 hours this morning from my couch, having lunch with my mom and fiance, going to my last fitting with my mom, or heading to SC with my mom. Yeah, today is an exciting day! My awesome mother came in by train last night so she could attend my fitting with me and learn the bustles... that's dedication!

--- 2 ---

Tomorrow is my bridal shower, thrown by my sister, at my mom and dad's house in SC. I am SO, SO, SO excited! A bridal shower makes it all feel very real. Most of my college and grad school friends have spread across the country, but I am so lucky to have some of my friends from high school who live near my parents and can be at the shower. We have gotten together, on average, once a year since we graduated (almost 9 years ago)... I think that's pretty impressive!

--- 3 ---
At the first of every month, I get excited that I can add another month to my running count of how long it's been since I've had a frozen dinner. This is 3 months. I used to have between 5-8 per WEEK. I'm not saying I'll never have another one (though I'd be happy if I didn't) but it will be a very, very rare occurrence.

--- 4 ---

Do you have shoes that are in tatters but you can't bring yourself to get rid of them? I have these ballet-flat style shoes that are black with sort of a black lace overlay and a little black bow. Not only are they cute (and flat, which is a requirement of mine) but they are super comfortable. They are also super torn up. The lace is sort of... gone.. in some places, the black has even rubbed off in others, and there are some random threads hanging off. But, but.. they're comfortable! I'm sure when I wear them to work (oh, I didn't mention that I still wear them to work?) everyone cringes and they are probably starting a fund to buy me new shoes. The other day when I got home, Steven said my feet stunk and made me move them. I wouldn't doubt the inside of those shoes are less than clean. Maybe it's really time?

--- 5 ---
The sounds of kids playing outside makes me SO happy. I live in an apartment so my backyard is their backyard and vice versa. On these nice afternoons and evenings, there are lots of shrieks and laughter, and kids running around. I love it!

--- 6 ---

I had an epiphany while driving the other day. One of the things I love about driving for my job is that it gives me lots of time to think (and time to rock out to old music). I thought about how,  unintentionally, I only pray for people or groups who I deem 'worthy'. For example, we pray a lot for people who are homeless, people struggling with infertility, etc. But as I passed by this one seedy hotel, I began to think about affairs and said a quick prayer for people who are cheating on their spouse or are contemplating it. And then I thought about how I don't pray for those types of situations nearly enough. I am going to work on adding in people who may typically be left out of prayers over this next week.

--- 7 ---
For my final take, I thought I would get into a heavy topic, since we all know there is nothing 'quick' about the way I blog anyway. This week, I was in a really weird spot at work. I've always wondered what would happen if the issue of birth control came up at work. Luckily, the three people I am guardian of that are on it made the decision themselves with no input from me. It could happen that the doctor calls me and requires my consent for it, and that's what I've been dreading and continue to hope never happens. Their doctors knew they had a guardian but went ahead and put them on it at their request. So having to consent for something that I believe is morally wrong is one thing, but at least I haven't had to deal with it. What I did have to deal with this week was one of my proteges expressing a desire to have sex with her boyfriend. Since I make social decisions for my folks, I couldn't worm out of that one as easily. I have reasons besides my religious beliefs to encourage her to abstain (the guy has an abusive history, they don't know each other very well, etc) so that's what I went with. But there will come a time, I'm sure, when someone wants to have sex with their boyfriend and I'm actually having to consent to the social aspect of them having time alone with that person. That's the part I'm not really sure how to handle. I guess I can consent to time alone without explicity consenting to them having sex. But it just feels like I'm tip toe-ing around everything instead of actually dealing with it. Any advice on how to reconcile your faith and beliefs with your work? It's just not as easy as "They aren't Catholic, so let them do what they want" when something requires my consent, rather than theirs. On that note.... happy weekend! ;)

Bonus take: Be on the lookout for my first guest post in the A Day in the Life series on Sunday!

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  1. What a wonderful weekend you have planned! Can't wait to hear about it!

    I've had several pairs of shoes that I've kept long after their "extinction date". It's so hard to part with something that works so perfectly for you!

    As for #7, that is a very difficult one. And honestly, I'll have to think about it for a while before I can give any input. It sounds like you have handled it very well so far. Rarely do decisions need to be made based on "religion alone" because there are usually also real, practical reasons why God prohibits us from certain actions (for example, birth control has many health risks).

    1. That's a really good point, but that almost makes it harder (and is a whole other issue of it's own). I get LOT of pushback from doctors when I refuse certain things, mostly psychotropic meds when, of course, I have good reason.

      BC hasn't been an issue thus far, but knowing certain situations of the past, me refusing based on BC's health risks when the protege, dr., and provider all are in favor... it ain't pretty lol. In a few cases, they find out my position on something and then just don't ask the next time around. There is a gray line between what they can get in trouble for and what they can't.

      And if the person wants BC and has even a small understanding of the risks, I'm technically supposed to honor that. I guess even if I still have to give my consent, they are the one making the decision and not me- but it still doesn't feel right. I'm thinking maybe I should write a whole post about this topic. It's so messy!

  2. I'm super sad I won't be celebrating your soon to be wedding with you this weekend!!! But I'll be thinking about all the fun ya'll are having while I'm at work and studying for tests this weekend!!!! Love to my twomom!!!!

  3. The shoe thing reminds me of the commercial for some kind of cleaner where her shoes were really dirty (black but supposed to be white) and the she couldn't get them clean until she found "xyz cleaner" and so now she can wear them and not get rid of them (and her husband is really annoyed bc he hates the shoes)

    Number 7 is HARD because a lot of ppl think your against certain things for "religious reasons" my sister isn't a practicing catholic but HATES birth control. She says "it makes her feel weird" well duh bc theres all sorts of hormones and junk in it. Whenever issues like number 7 come up I think of the show Everwood where the small town dr was basically forced/PAID to give a teen an abortion so the town "wouldn't talk" and then at the end of the show you see the doctor go to confession.

  4. #7 is a tough issue. I remember my therapist from college telling me that she used to have make decisions about whether to sign off on abortions for mentally ill women (pregnancy hormones can be REALLY bad to begin with and even more so in severely bi-polar women).

  5. I think those "worn out" black shoes are still cute! As for the stench (poor Steven!!), spray them w/Febreeze!!