Friday, February 17, 2012

7 Quick Takes- All Things Love!

--- 1 ---

I know there are lots of people who aren't really into Saint Valentine's Day, but I love it. Yes, I do love others every day of the year. But we all take people we love for granted, and this is a day that serves as a helpful reminder as to how appreciative we should be for those special people in our lives, and that we shouldn't always just assume they know it. That does not mean a ton of money needs to be spent (and some of the sweetest Vdays can be when there is no money to spend), but I'll admit that I don't mind being a little spoiled. And this year, spoiled didn't even come close to describing it!

--- 2 ---

On Valentine's morning, Steven had to open, which means he's at work about an hour before I have to get up. When I came downstairs, this is what I saw.

Trader Joe's Pound Plus chocolate and some Lindor truffles (fave candy ever)

Know what I had for breakfast? Well, applesauce with cinnamon on it (cinnamon keeps your blood sugar stable... I've noticed such a big difference that I totally swear by it now), but also 3 (big!) squares of chocolate. Hey, it was the serving size.
--- 3 ---

My only question is: Can I finish the entire "Pound Plus" before Ash Wednesday? I'm sure I could single handedly, but luckily I have Steven to share it with, and since my mom is coming again this Thursday, I'm sure she'll help me devour it too! 72% dark... YUM.

--- 4 ---
For Valentine's dinner, Steven took me to Tokyo House. It's only  my favorite restaurant in Raleigh. And since it's my favorite, of course it's totally more expensive than we are willing to pay when we go out to eat (if it's more than our $11 and some change that we spend at Chickfila, we think twice). The first time we went there just because we had a buy one get one coupon. We couldn't believe how delicious the food was! Then we came across another BOGO and went again a year or so later. So I imagined it would be a VERY long time until we went again since we had no more coupons. But Steven isn't quite as cheap as I am, meaning he doesn't require that he has a coupon if it's a special occasion, so he surprised me by taking me. Then he followed it up with Gigi's Cupcakes where I got Wedding Cake and he got White Midnight Magic. I told Steven he sort of shot himself in the foot this year because now I will expect this fanfare every year (not really... sort of...).
I was excited because this dress still fits... but from this angle I appear a little preggers. Back to the back of the closet this dress will go! 

--- 5 ---

Valentine's Day was also 2 months until our wedding. I said that when the 3 month mark came, life would get super chaotic and not end until after the wedding. I think I said that because other people told me that would happen. It got a bit more busy, but life still feels pretty much the same. I'm thinking it will be the last month that is super chaotic. Hey, I'm not complaining about having 2 mostly calm months before the chaos begins. I just didn't expect it and keep wondering if I'm forgetting something. Maybe it's time to give the massive to-do list on my nightstand another glance.

--- 6 ---
Speaking of Ash Wednesday... see quick take 3, you know how the typical thing to give up for Lent is sweets? Yeah, I never have. I may have given up a 'type' of sweet, but I love sweets too much to give them up. This year, though, I am taking the plunge since I have Steven's support all the way. We can be pretty gluttonous with sweets (and with breads, but hey, we never claimed to be martyrs!), so I think it'll be a really good opportunity for us to treat our bodies more like temples. Not to mention my ovaries will be overjoyed. We'll have cake at the shower his mom throws us (which is on a Sunday anyway), but otherwise we will get our bodies, mouths, and minds used to having naturally sweet things like fruit satiate our sweet cravings. Earlier this week we ate a red bell pepper with hummus that was SO deliciously sweet and I stopped thinking "ZOMG I WILL DIE WITHOUT SWEETS!!!!!!!!!!!" and started thinking "Maybe I can do this.... maybe....". I figured if I wrote it here, I can't change my mind.

--- 7 ---
Today, as you are reading this, I'm getting my trial hair and make up done. YAY! After that, my mom and I are going to Wake Forest for my bridal portraits (if you want to do a little stalking... and who doesn't... my photographers are Wake Forest Portrait Shoppe and you can click on Sacred Heart Cathedral to see their wedding pics at the church we are being married in). My awesome mom came in again on the train last night because my dad couldn't get out of a trial at work to bring her down. She'll be here til Saturday afternoon and our plans include the bridal stuff, dinner at the food court and a walk around the mall, and a $2 theater movie before she leaves on Saturday! 

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  1. OH my goodness Stacy, I can write a huge long comment for each one of these. I am much like you, we went out for Valentine's day because we had a gift card from Christmas! My mom is definitely a "only with coupon" person and I think it's hereditary (although my brother definitely got my dad's "spend, spend, spend" genes. David and I will have to splurge sometime and try that restaurant (and those cupcakes) - my birthday's next month, so maybe then.

    Bridal portraits! How fun - I bet they'll be beautiful (and I am definitely going to stalk...).

    Let's get together soon!

  2. A pound plus of dark chocolate? That sounds amazing! Oh and you guys look so nice in that picture!

    Our Valentine's dinner was only allowed because we had Groupon for it. I love how popular all of these coupons are now. We can do some much for half price because of it. :)

  3. What a great Valentine's Day! I am a huge !indoor truffles fan as well. Two months until your wedding is so exciting! I am sure that ll of the details will come together and go smoothly. Seriously, my mom, sister in law and I laid around and read books in the hotel before the rehearsal dinner because everything was taken care of. I hope it goes smootly and relaxing for you well. I can't wait to see your Bridal pics!

  4. If you can't finish all the chocolate before 11:59 pm on Mardi Gras, stick it in the freezer. It will keep.

  5. Hi Stacy, I just stumbled your blog as I was googling "Dr. Amy Bruton" and I'm so excited I found another faithful Catholic gal who knows about NFP! Not sure if you know this, but Dr. Bruton is no longer with Raleigh OBGYN Centre...that's also where I go, and I'm trying to figure out where she went! If you find out anything, could you send me a message on my blog? Thanks and God bless! Oh and I was reading some of your other posts and didn't know if you had ever heard of Engaged Encounter? It is not in the Raleigh diocese, and Charlotte diocese only has one EE weekend scheduled this year, but it is WELL worth it if you can attend an EE w/end even in SC or VA before your wedding. They are awesome!

    1. After I sent you that reply this morning, I realized from your comment that what we went to wasn't technically Engaged Encounter. It was a retreat put on by our diocese for engaged couples. You could choose that or the one day session and we chose the retreat. I'm not sure how similar they were, but it was!

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