Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Two months old and already changing things!

Do I get a free pass for making a semi major change on my blog since I've only been here two months? I've been debating if Finding My Fertility and My Faith should continue to be the title or if the actual address of my blog, Catholic and Crunchy, should be the title. I named it FMF&MF (that's a mouthful) in the beginning because obviously that's the main focus of the blog. But in two short months it's evolved a bit to include health, which yes is related to fertility, and frugality, which will never not be important to me... unless, as Steven says, we win the lottery, which would require us to play the lottery, which we won't, so... Anyway, I guess you can tell I've made my decision! I feel like Catholic and Crunchy is allows a broader scope. And plus, I don't want to have FMF&MF for years, and then I have 3 kids and it's like whaaaa??? I'm pretty sure she found her fertility! Whereas C&C will always apply. Make sense? Still like me even though I'm a fickle blog titler? :P


  1. You can use FMF&MF as your "tag line/subtitle" like my blog is The Catholic Couponer - Bringing you a little bit of catholic and a little bit of couponing each day.

    One thing I've learned about blog titles/urls/names is don't make them too long or people won't remember you/your URL! Which isn't helpful if you want people to find your blog. When I FIRST started my blog it was bethannesadventuresofcouponinginflorida.blogspot.com or something to that effect that was RIDICULOUSLY LONG!! I changed it about 20 times before finally becoming the catholic couponer!

    Sometimes it helps to brainstorm a bit before sticking with a blog. You could also make a picture header that has it all which is what I did LOL

  2. Good idea, but that would require me knowing how to do that lol. It took me like a week to figure out how to center it!

  3. LOL I could probably help you. Let me see what I can come up with :)