Saturday, January 28, 2012

TMI Part 2

Wow, lots of TMI this week. I guess that's what being excited over a period will do to a girl.

I have officially earned my 'crunchy' title as far as menstruating goes. After much consideration (and badgering ehm, encouragement from my loving sister), and after reading the rave reviews in the facebook Natural Family Planning group, I have decided to convert to the Diva Cup. I'm a bit hesitant, but I have read SO many good things about it, and I can't deny the environmental impact. The website says they sell them at Whole Foods here, so I will head there this weekend to pick it up.

I had to add another layer of crunch, though. With the Creighton model, you aren't supposed to use anything internal on light days, because you need to make observations. I had the same thought about pantyliners that I do about regular tampons... chemicals... there? Granted it makes me a bit less queasy since pantyliners are external, but not enough for me to want to keep using them. My first thought was to find an alternative like I did with the organic cotton tampons. And then I thought, well that's still kind of wasteful when you add up another 25-30 years of using them. I have read a lot about "Mama Cloth" in the past few months, so I googled to see if they exist in pantyliners. And, indeed they do! I totally appreciate this Etsy seller for letting my crazy cat lady tendencies manifest in my cycle. Anyway, I couldn't pass up the buy 3 get one free (kitties, scottie dogs, hearts, and a black one). I did find them slightly cheaper at one other place, but you could tell they were more mass produced and I love, love, love supporting hand made when I can. Now... how to break this to Steven since he does the laundry.. hmm.

My frugal side is also happy because I will obviously spend a LOT less in sanitary products since I'm going reusable. I could totally learn to make my own "mama cloth" and save a lot of money, so hopefully I will have learned by the time those wear out (not for a few years, I'm sure). If you think all this is a bit extreme, that's ok :) .We all have our own ways of being earth friendly and frugal, and I can accept that. My ways may not be yours, and your ways may not be mine. Hey, it took me like 4 years to get on the Diva Cup bandwagon!


  1. More than four years, I dare say: I started using it in 2004 and that's when you wanted to throw up at the idea. ;)

    I have also been using cloth pads for the very beginning and very end of my period, and I love them. They're SOOOO soft and comfortable that I HATE going back to disposables if I start in public or something where I have no choice.

    and *Nelson laugh* at Steven

  2. The WF near me didn't have the DivaCup, so I ordered it online. When I got it, Brett said "I'm pretty sure I don't want to know what that is, but I can guess what it's for."

    I LOOOVE my cloth pads and pantyliners. They are so comfy. However, I do hate the feeling of "diaper-ish-ness" of a pad, so I'm excited to get started using my DivaCup.

    1. The WF near me did... but for a $15 mark up! I will definitely be ordering it online instead. Lol @ Brett's comment!

  3. I've really wanted to try "mama cloth" but we really don't have the money right now for me to stock up with as many as we will need initially. I may buy one at a time and try to slowly build up a stash. As for the diva cup, I don't even use tampons, so there is no way I would ever use that!

  4. Thanks for commenting over on my blog :-)
    Not gonna lie, I love TMI stories like this. I just bought organic tampons at WF for the first time. One day I'll get up the nerve to try the Diva Cup, which really does seem like a good idea.