Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2012 or, as I like to call it, Year of My Wedding as if nothing else important is happening this year :P. As much as the typical new years posts kind of bore me (come on, it's the same thing every year!) and I try to avoid writing them, I feel like it's very relevant this year and documenting them will hopefully keep me organized and moving in the right direction. I won't call them resolutions that I have, but rather goals.

We aren't drinkers, so we opted for a sparkling apple juice for our 2012 toast. It looks so pretty in the "glass"!

Blog goals:

  • Continue to grow my readership.
  • Continue to seek out blogs of people living the way I am and/or the way I want to for encouragement, support, and ideas.
  • Meet the local bloggers.
  • Make, and use for inspiration, a list of post topics I want to eventually write.
  • Review some products (one book review in the works but I need to give myself a deadline!). But also only review products that have something to do with my blog! 
  • Do a few more guest posts and eventually host someone here (I have an idea I'm throwing around... we'll see.)
  • Not let my love of reading and writing blogs get out of hand (in other words, if I am neglecting household chores or, uh, late to work in order to read blogs, I need to reel it in!). 

Health goals:

  • Get my recipe book together so I quit using my phone in the kitchen to look them up! Flour embedded phones aren't that easy to clean.
  • Continue to add more whole grains, lean protein, fruits and veggies; continue to reduce empty calories, unhealthy carbs, and sugars/sweeteners.
  • See the NaPro dr (already scheduled).
  • Continue charting and meeting with our NFP practitioner.
  • Exercise 5 days per week (doing this now for the most part, but sometimes have slack weeks).
  • Explore the greenway past the two paths I've taken so far.
  • Buy us bikes to use on the greenway.

Personal/Faith goals:

  • Learn to sew, knit, and crochet (at least elementary knowledge of each)... I'm already signed up for a knitting class (after debating for a week whether to take the knitting or crocheting class first)! 
  • Finish my 2010 and 2011 scrapbooks.
  • Attend all holy days of obligation.
  • Continue celebrating the liturgical seasons at home.
  • Pray the rosary more often.

Finance goals:

  • Develop and use a joint budget (we have separate ones til we get married).
  • Combine bank accounts the week or two before the wedding.
  • Get back to substantially saving after the wedding .
  • Continue to find ways to save (free entertainment, good deals on the foods we buy, re-purposing things, thrifting).
  • Make a plan for the future regarding living on one income (books reserved at the library!) and the smartest decision to make regarding my student loan.

Relationship/Marriage goals:

  • Finish our pre-marital workbooks... we have lots so we will have quite a bit left to do after we get married, but we really enjoy them and I think will be glad to have them through our first year of marriage.
  • Begin our prayers for couples book.
  • Continue to improve our communication through new communication techniques we have learned.
  • Pray the rosary together more often.
  • Continue to read and discuss daily Mass readings together.

Future goals:

  • Continue discussing where we want to live long term (the options we are considering is staying here or moving closer to Charlotte- not in Charlotte, but somewhere like Kannapolis or Concord) since we need to decide soonish if we will buy a house or not (no sense in buying if we are moving in the next 3-5 years). We are pretty sure we want to stay here, but need to really flesh it out.
  • Continue researching things like homsechool curriculums (yes, I know I won't have a 5 year old for a long time, but I am so much less stressed in life if major plans are made way ahead with tweaks where needed, rather than put off until the decision needs to be made... I pretty much know the curriculum I want to use, but I want to have an arsenal of information book marked for me to go through when it comes closer to the time), and how I want to live life as a stay at home mom/wife so I don't feel lost when I wake up one day and my home and family has become my job. 


  1. Dear Sarah. I like reading your blog because you are much more positive then I am. I also have pcos or something that prevents me from having regular periods (I'm talking months and months) and have trouble keeping the confidence that I will be able to have children one day. I am recently married and feel called to motherhood but it is so hard to stay positive when the fertility signs are not there. Its great to hear you being so positive and planning about the future, perhaps it is my fear holding me back.

  2. It's Stacy ;) but I'll answer to most anything that starts with an S or rhymes with Stacy haha. I get down about PCOS all the time, but I do think it's important to seek out knowledge and improve your health. Those things will help with a positive attitude. But I think it's completely normal to be upset and wallow in it sometimes- as long as you can pick yourself right back up! I also don't get period for many, many months so we are in the same boat. Starting natural family planning has helped me to learn my body though, rather than mask what's going on, which I was doing before. Also, I'm feeling more confident since I will be working with a NaPro doctor, but I do know that I could have a long, hard road ahead of me fertility-wise. I am praying for you!