Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Curious about Creighton?

I'm in a really awesome NFP group on facebook, and someone posted this video today. I really like it, which makes sense since I already am a huge Creighton fan after about 50 days of using it. This is just part one, but you can find part 2 on Youtube if you want. Check it out!

(Disclaimer: I'm not totally sure why the one woman says they got pregnant each time they tried another type of NFP because I don't think the others,  that I'm aware of, have failure rates much different than Creighton.)

I take it back... I liked the second part so much I'm posting it here as well!

One thing we were taught would happen with the use of NFP, and I have already noticed in our use of charting, is an increased amount of communication between Steven and me. We have had SO many conversations about it in the past two months. We've learned more about each other and it's really helped us to define and live our values. Reproductive health and fertility/infertility are no longer something that one of us just silently 'takes care of'. It's an active conversation, and I'm sure will be even more so after we get married in April. I love that we do it together- I observe, he charts because, like the one woman says in the video, it's nice not feeling like it's all on my shoulders, or feeling like my fertility is a 'problem' that needs to be stifled. We have gotten farther in the past two months with PCOS than I had in the past two years. And I'm no longer doing it alone. PCOS is no longer 'my problem'. It's now our hurdle and we're on the path to learning my body and helping it to function properly. Charting is giving us such valuable information on how PCOS is affecting me that I don't think I could have gotten otherwise. And as I've mentioned before, NFP has something like a 3% divorce rate. It's no wonder it is so low with all the extra communicating NFP couples are doing! I am trying to reduce my use of the word "love" and use the more appropriate term "like", but I love, love, love NFP!


  1. Ditto girl! I'm so happy you're having a good experience with it! :)

  2. Those were great videos! I agree I love hearing stories about how the "husband is doing the charting" and how people better communicate due to it.