Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blessings of Blogging

This whole entry might come off super cheesy, but I'm ok with that (I think). I started this blog because I wanted a new venue and a new blogging style. I wasn't even sure if anyone besides my sister would read it! I never imagined how much I would get out of it in just the first month of having it! So far I have been invited to join two super awesome facebook groups. They are both closed groups which means you can really be yourself without fear of coworkers, acquaintances, etc. seeing the deepest parts of you. One is mostly made up of other Catholic bloggers and one is mostly Catholic women using NFP. I have 'met' two bloggers who live in Raleigh. This is pretty awesome considering I only have about 10 Catholic blogs that I really keep up with...and two of them live in the same city! I'm hoping for a get together at some point :). I have learned soooo many new things about the faith and have gotten some really good ideas and (unknown to them!) encouragement from reading other blogs with like minded authors. I have already been approved to review a book (SOOO EXCITED! just came in the mail today!) and am working on a guest post for another blog. In my 8 years of my "this is what I did today..." type blog, I don't know that I ever felt a blessing or opportunity from it. I mean, it all makes sense, but I'm just so excited for where God is taking me through this!

*Back to the regular non-cheesy blogging tomorrow*

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